Saturday, January 29, 2022

FCC & CRTC items

Tuscaloosa, Alabama: WMXB 1280:
Requests STA 100 watts daytime, 30 watts night, 200-foot dipole 60 feet high between two trees at 33-12-17/87-31-26.  Lost site.
STA granted.

San Francisco, California: KZDG 1550:
Calls changed back from KGMZ

Smyrna, Georgia: WAZX 1150:
Requests STA 1,000 ND-D, 33-41-56/84-17-25; to use the tower of silent WTZA.  Granted.  Frequency is a typo, should be 1550.

Poplar Bluff, Missouri: KWOC 930:
Requests removal of nighttime directional antenna & reduction of power from 500 watts to 42.

Campbellton, New Brunswick: CKNB 950:
Granted move to 100.7 FM.

Grand Falls, Newfoundland & Labrator: CBT 540:
Granted move to 93.3 FM.

Riverhead, New York: WFTU 1570:
OFF Jan. 26th.

Rochester, New York: WXXI 1370:
Requests STA for non-directional operation at night at 25% power pending tower replacement.  Granted.

Cleveland, Ohio: WKNR 850:
Requests STA for unspecified reduced power pending transmission system repairs.  Directional patterns not affected.

Hubbard, Oregon: KZGD 1390:
Requests move to 45-10-34/122-50-57; to share on the KWBY-940 tower & change power to 3,400/670 ND.  City changing from Salem.

Lac-Édouard, Quebec: CBF-17 710:
Granted move to 99.9 FM.

Georgetown, South Carolina: WPIF 1470:
Calls changed from WLMC.

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: WNMB 900:
Requests power reduction from 500 watts day & night to 250 day & 80 night; relocating to the WMIR-1200 site at 33-50-06/78-47-02.

Abilene, Texas: KZQQ 1560:
OFF Oct. 4th, transmitter stolen; returned to the air Jan. 20th.
Immediately back off the air; replacement transmitter is defective & must be replaced...

Burleson, Texas: KCLE 1460:
Returned to the air Jan. 14th.

Humble, Texas: KGOL 1180:
Requests STA for emergency wire antenna pending location of new site.  Parameters & site not given.
STA granted, 100 watts daytime only at 29-49-33/95-22-37.

Manassas, Virginia: WKDV 1460:
Requests STA for temporary reduced-power operation, 10 watts full time to small vertical antenna at 38-51-18/77-22-27.
STA granted.

Enumclaw, Washington: KGRG 1330:
Requests power increase from 500 watts day to 770, and from 26 watts night to 210.

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