Saturday, January 08, 2022

FCC items

Wasco, California: KERN 1180:
Granted STA to use nighttime power/pattern during the day, pending switching system repairs.

Lake Charles, Louisiana: KXZZ 1580:
License surrendered Dec. 30th.

Havre de Grace, Maryland: WHGM 1330:
Requests permanent daytime power reduction from 5,000 watts to 1,000; nighttime from 500 to 18; and removal of nighttime directional antenna.  Modification from daytime power of 3,900 watts.

Moriarty, New Mexico: KEMR 1080:
OFF Jan. 3rd pending removal of associated translator K271DC from the KEMR tower. Returned to the air Aug. 2nd.

Raleigh, North Carolina: WKIX 850: 
OFF Dec. 9th pending relocation.
Returned to the air Feb. 23rd at new site at reduced power of 7,900 watts day, 120 watts night.

Tulsa, Oklahoma: KAKC 1300:
Requests STA for non-directional operation fulltime at reduced power pending switching system repairs.  Granted.

Bonham, Texas: KFYN 1420:
Granted permanent power reduction to 130 watts day/117 watts night non-directional, 33-33-16/96-13-24; to relocate.
Granted temporary permission for 100 watts fulltime at this site.

Killeen, Texas: KRMY 1050:
OFF Dec. 31st, lost lease.

Tazewell, Virginia: WTZE 1470:
Requests reduction of daytime power from 5,000 watts to 1,000.

Montgomery, West Virginia: WMON 1340:
South Charleston, West Virginia: WSCW 1410:
Both OFF Dec. 9th, logging truck hit guy wire anchor.
WMON back on air April 15th.  

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