Friday, February 25, 2022

FCC items

Clayton, Georgia: WATG 1400: 
Granted power to 1,000 watts non-directional, 34-53-16/83-23-50; to relocate from Elberton.  Calls changed from WGCV. 

Dalton, Georgia: WTTI 1530:
OFF Feb. 14th, tractor struck guy wire causing tower collapse.  Also shut down translator W227DG-93.3 which was on the same tower.  Requests STA for 1kw non-directional daytime only.

Jackson, Kentucky: WEKG 810:
OFF Feb. 10th, transmission line failure.
Probably returned to the air Apr. 11th, as associated FM translator W231DX returned on that date.

Binghamton, New York: WNBF 1290:
Requests STA for 80% power daytime and 25% power, non-directional, at night.  Wind damage to cables.  Granted.

New City, New York: WRKL 910:
Requests STA for 200 watts day & night, non-directional, 41-10-53/74-02-55.  Temporary facility pending completion of permanent installation.

Lewisville, North Carolina: WSGH 1040:
Granted STA for reduced daytime power of 1kw pending repairs to main transmitter.  Night power of 182 watts unchanged.

Winterville, North Carolina: WECU 1570:
Granted STA for reduced power of 1kw daytime (night power unchanged).  10kw transmitter requires major repairs.

Jackson, Tennessee: WDXI 1310:
OFF Feb. 2nd, transmission line & antenna tuning network issues.

Savannah, Tennessee: WORM 1010:
OFF Feb. 3rd pending transmitter replacement.

Friday, February 18, 2022

FCC items

Anderson, Indiana: WRPU 1470:
Calls changed from WGNR.

Great Falls, Montana: KMON 560:
Granted STA to operate non-directionally at night at 1kw since Jan. 11th pending antenna repairs.

Greensboro, North Carolina: WEAL 1510:
OFF Feb. 14th pending arrangement of programming.

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico: WKJB 710:
Application for new backup facility, sharing WPRA's at 18-10-53/67-10-09 with 9,900 watts daytime, 800 at night, non-directional.

Morristown, Tennessee: WCRK 1150:
Requests STA for 230' long wire, 30' hight at 36-14-44/83-17-01 pending delivery of duplexer to share the WMTN-1300 tower at a different site.  (seems to be a field in front of the Morristown Wesleyan Church)
STA granted.
Requests permanent relocation to the WMTN-1300 tower with 4,500 watts day, 13 watts night, non-directional.


Friday, February 11, 2022

FCC items

Little Rock, Arkansas: KAAY 1090:
Requests removal of nighttime directional antenna & nighttime power reduction to 80 watts.  To remain 50,000 watts during the day.

Fountain, Colorado: KJME 780:
Fountain, Colorado: KCEG 890:
Swapped callsigns - 780 was KCEG, 890 was KJME. 

Smyrna, Georgia: WAZX 1550:
Returned to the air Feb. 9th.

Wichita, Kansas: KFTI 1070:
Requests STA for reduced daytime power of 5kw pending matching network repairs.
STA granted.

Fergus Falls, Minnesota: KJJK 1020:
Granted STA for reduced power of 60 watts; unknown antenna issue.

Oregon City, Oregon: KQRR 1520:
Requests power to 5,000 watts daytime/42 watts night, non-directional, sharing on the KXPD-1040/KBNP-1410 tower.

Austin, Texas: KLBJ 590:
Requests move to a new tower at the KVET-1300 site, going non-directional at night at reduced power of 380 watts.  (was 1,000 directional)

Saturday, February 05, 2022

FCC items

Elberton, Georgia: WGCV 1400:
Calls changed from WHTD. 

St. Mary's, Georgia: WWIO 1190:
Granted STA for reduced power of 250 watts daytime only pending antenna repairs.

Sylacauga, Georgia: WYEA 1290:
Requests STA for reduced daytime power of 50 watts due to power amplifier failure.  

Idaho Falls, Idaho: KID 590:
OFF Nov. 1st, lost lease.

Roswell, New Mexico: KBIM 910:
Calls changed from KKBE.

Medford, New York: WLIM 1440:
Requests removal of nighttime directional antenna & reduction of night power from 196 watts to 28.

Canton, Ohio: WINW 1520:
OFF Nov. 7th.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: KOKC 1520:
Requests permission to redesign three-tower nighttime array and return to 50,000 watts day & night, directional at night, at the existing site.  Towers destroyed in 2015 tornado, and station has been operating non-directionally at night at reduced power since then.

McMinnville, Oregon: KLYC 1260:
OFF "...some point in the third week of January."  Transmitter failed.
Returned to the air April 2nd.

Seattle, Washington: KNWN 1000:
Calls changed from KOMO.