Saturday, March 05, 2022

FCC items

Denver, Colorado: KDCO 1340:
Requests STA for 75% power due to transmitter issues.

Belmont, North Carolina: WCGC 1270:
Requests STA for non-directional operation at 25% power pending completion & testing of directional antenna.

Chester, Pennsylvania: WJFP 740:
Calls changed from WVCH.

Georgetown, South Carolina: WPIF 1470:
Granted daytime power reduction from 1,000 watts to 420; nighttime from 147 watts to 90; and move to 33-24-15/79-19-36.

Brentwood, Tennessee: WNSR 560:
Granted move of daytime facility to existing night site at 36-08-28/86-45-23 & reduction in day power from 4,500 watts to 1,000.  75-watt night facility unchanged.

El Paso, Texas: KXPL 1060:
OFF Feb. 28th, transmitter outage.

Reedsburg, Wisconsin: WRDB 1400:
Requests STA from 75 watts to a 173' long wire 15' high.  Tower collapsed late Feb. 24th due to ice.  Granted.


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