Friday, April 08, 2022

FCC & CRTC items

Birmingham, Alabama: WENN 1320:
OFF April 4th, transmitter failure.

Fountain, Colorado: KJME 780:
Requests power reduction from 1,900 watts day to 500, and from 720 watts night to 15. Remove directional antenna, and move to 38-49-08/104-46-34.

Atlanta, Georgia: WTZA 1010:
Requests STA for unspecified reduced power, reason not given.

Savannah, Georgia: WSEG 1400:
OFF April 1st, rodent infestation damaged transmitter.

Back on the air in late May at 50% power.

Silver Spring, Maryland: WBQH 1050:
Requests STA for intermittent operation from WFED-1500 site, 1,000 watts daytime, 400 watts night, non-directional. Wishes to evaluate possible permanent move to this site, or its use as a backup.


Maniwaki, Quebec: CBOM 710 & CBOF-1 990:
Requests moves to 93.3 FM and 94.3 FM respectively.

Georgetown, South Carolina: WGTN 1400:
OFF April 1st pending installation of equipment to share tower with WPIF-1470.

Provo, Utah: KSRR 1400:
Requests relocation to the KEYY-1450 tower at 40-13-48/111-41-12.

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