Friday, April 29, 2022

FCC items

Elba, Alabama: WELB 1350:
OFF Apr. 27th. 

Fountain, Colorado: KCEG 890:
Requests relocation to 38-33-47/104-36-20; removal of directional antenna; reduction of day power from 5,500 watts to 2,500 and night power from 500 watts to 12.

Meridian, Idaho: KYWN 890:
Removed nighttime directional antenna at second site & reduced night power from 250 watts to 125.

Greenfield, Massachusetts: WIZZ 1520:
Requests STA for 150 watts non-directional daytime only to whip antenna atop WHMQ-1240 transmitter building, 42-35-21/72-37-06.  Must leave existing site; has permit to share on WHMQ's tower but the diplexing equipment to allow the same tower to serve two stations is not yet ready.

Bozeman, Montana: KOBB 1230:
Bozeman, Montana: KYWL 1480:
Both stations request permission to move to the KBOZ-1090 tower, 45-36-50/111-05-08.  
KOBB power & frequency will remain unchanged at 1,000 watts day & night on 1230KHz.
KYWL will move from 1490 to 1480 & reduce power to 940 watts daytime, 210 at night.

Oregon City, Oregon: KXET 1520:
Granted move to the KXPD-1040/KBNP-1410 tower, 45-28-26/122-39-33.

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico: WKJB 710:
Requests new backup transmitter, sharing the WPRA-990 backup antenna, 18-10-53/67-10-09.  9,900 watts daytime, 800 at night.

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