Friday, May 27, 2022

FCC items

The FCC made major changes to their public data access in late May.   They're still reporting changes to AM stations and offering the explanatory documents uploaded by the stations -- but the links to those documents are broken.  We know KVCU-1190 went off the air on May 17th, but the document explaining why is not available.

Boulder, Colorado: KVCU 1190:
OFF May 17th.

Apopka, Florida: WNDO 1520:
OFF May 20th. 

Somonauk, Illinois: WAUR 1550:
Calls changed from WCSJ.

Canton, Mississippi: WONG 1150:
Granted STA for 20 watts fulltime pending transmitter repairs.

Reidsville, North Carolina: WREV 1220:
OFF May 14th.
Returned to the air June 21st.

Rocky Mount, North Carolina: WEED 1390:
OFF May 19th.

Canovanas, Puerto Rico: WGIT 1660:
Operating at reduced power since May 11th.

Stephenville, Texas: KSTV 1510:
OFF May 23rd.

Pullman, Washington: KWSU 1250:
Operating at reduced power of 62 watts (1.2%) since May 10th due to transmitter issues.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

FCC items

Auburn, California: KAHI 950:
Requests STA to operate non-directionally at approximately 25% power since May 9th mowing accident. 
STA granted.

Cocoa Beach, Florida: WKQK 1300:
Granted STA for 500 watts day/250 watts night to 100-foot dipole antenna at temporary site 28-18-43/80-42-21.  Lost site.

Pinellas Park, Florida: WHBO 1040:
Granted removal of one tower & reduction in night power to 430 watts.

Chicopee, Massachusetts: WACE 730:
Requests relocation to WHLL-1450 site at 42-06-33/72-36-28 & reduction of night power from 8 watts to 7.  Day power to remain 5,000 watts.
OFF May 1st pending this move.

Ironton, Ohio: WITO 1230:
Calls changed from WIRO.

Lubbock, Texas: KDAV 1590:
OFF April 19th, antenna phasing system failure.
Returned to the air May 25th.

Norfolk, Virginia: WKQA 1110:
OFF March 27th, towers dismantled.

Mount Vernon, Washington: KBRC 1430:
Requests STA for 25% power non-directionally at night; flooding has damaged antenna tuning networks.

Friday, May 06, 2022

FCC items

Fort Smith, Arkansas: KFSW 1650:
Granted STA for reduced power of 500 watts; transmitter damaged by floodwater.

Davenport, Iowa: KBOB 1170:
Granted STA for night pattern fulltime since April 27th equipment failure.

Millville, New Jersey: WMVB 1440: 
Requests power reduction from 1,000 watts day to 460 & from 65 watts night to 46; and removal of directional antenna.