Friday, July 29, 2022

AM items

ALAB Fort Payne1400WFPARA July 28th.
CALI Yreka1490KSYCOFF July 26th.
IDAH Boise730KDBIOFF July 1st
KENT Eminence1600WLUECC from WKYI
KENT Hazard1390WKICQRP July 5th
NORTHC Reidsville1220WREVOFF July 6th. Probably due to loss of Internet service. RA July 18th.
OHIO Canton1520WINWOFF Nov. 7, 2021.
OHIO Fairfield1560WCNWQRP July 25th
SOUTHC Abbeville1590WABVOFF May 26th.
TEXA Eagle Pass1270KEPSOFF June 30th, lost site.
WASH Pacific1560KZIZRA July 24th

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