Saturday, July 23, 2022

FCC TV items

ALAB Auburn3776240LSR STA, 5w/27m, 32-36-08/85-29-21; Jordan Hare Stadium, Aug. 30th-Jan. 31st.
ALAB Birmingham24WTBM-CDCC from WBXA-CD
ALAB Cullman25WCQT-LDQC from 27, 1.5kw/73m, 34-10-18/86-50-38
ALAB Dothan29W29FJPC<100w/16m, 31-19-49/85-31-32
ALAB Enterprise14WFRW-LDQC from 41, 100w/16m, 31-19-49/85-31-32
ALAB Enterprise27WGEI-LDQC from 26
ALAB Tuscaloosa4776243LSR STA, 5w/6m, 33-12-27/87-32-58; Bryant Denny Stadium, Aug. 30th-Jan. 31st.
ALAS Seward17K17OXReturned to the air July 13th on this channel, ex-analog K03FO.
ALAS Sitka7KTNL-TVPR>650w/-179m, 57-03-01/135-20-08
AMER Pago Pago30KKHJ-LPRA July 11th in digital at 2kw.
ARIZ Kingman10K10RMCX13
ARIZ Kingman34K34EFCX13
ARIZ Lake Havasu City21K21EACX13
ARKA Bonnerdale19K19MCQR from K16IP, 100w/31m, 34-18-49/92-59-59; QG; QC
ARKA Eureka Springs12K12XBQR from K22HS, 2kw/172m, 36-21-38/93-44-55; QG
ARKA Fayetteville5776234LSR STA, 5w/53m, 36-04-05/94-10-52; Razorback Stadium, Sept. 30th-Oct. 1st.
ARKA Harrison21K21JSDR 75w/205m, 36-14-35/93-13-15; DG; DC
ARKA Springdale19K19MTPR<100w/41m, 36-19-24/94-08-09
ARKA Springdale34K34QOPR<100w/41m, 36-19-24/94-08-09
CALI Bakersfield17K17LXCX15
CALI Bakersfield3K03IRCX15
CALI Bakersfield5K05MYCX15
CALI Crescent City19K19KRQR from K39EO, 3.8kw/80m, 41-50-35/124-07-59; QG
CALI Fresno5KVHF-LDPR>3kw/576m
CALI Fresno7KAILOFF July 10th, destroyed either by fire, or by the water sprayed to try to put out the fire.
CALI Los Angeles21KTAV-LDPG<500w/840m, 34-13-55/118-04-21
CALI Los Angeles36KNBCPC>1000kw/1005m, 34-13-32/118-03-55
CALI Middletown2KFTY-LDPR 3kw/898m, 38-40-09/122-37-57; PG
CALI Monterey35KMCE-LDCC from K35PK
CALI Ridgecrest18K18MPOFF July 15th, interfering with reception of KSCI/KOCE on the same channel - plans to move K18MP to a different frequency.
CALI Ridgecrest32K32NARA July 15th. Primary changed from KTTV-11 to the KSCI/KOCE channel share. KTTV has switched to ATSC 3.0, which K32NA cannot receive.
CALI San Bernardino3K03IUCX15
CALI Shelter Cove12K12OVCX22
CALI Temecula3K03JBRequests STA for this channel, ex-K12PO, 1kw/98m, 33-35-32/117-08-54. Temporary dipole antenna atop transmitter building; construction delays.
CALI Vallejo34KFSF-DTNW 250kw/419m (aux)
CALI Victorville20K20IUCX11a
FLOR Chiefland33WXCK-LDRA July 19th.
FLOR Fort Myers31WINK-TVNW 579kw/388m, 26-47-08/81-47-45 (aux)
FLOR Homestead16W16CAPC>9kw/175m, 25-32-23/80-28-06
FLOR Homestead16WHMR-LDCC from W16CA
FLOR Largo14WPDS-LDOFF June 13th, transmitter failure.
FLOR Miami11WDFL-LDATSC 3.0 withdrawn
FLOR Palatka25WJGV-CDRA July 7th
FLOR Wabasso11W11DHATSC 3.0 withdrawn
GEOR Albany23W48DUQC from 48, 100w/-1m, 31-29-37/84-07-02
GEOR Albany25W25EDNW 100w/-1m, 31-29-36/84-07-02
GEOR Athens3776241LSR STA, 5w/15m, 33-56-59/83-22-32; Sanford Stadium, Oct. 7th & 8th.
GEOR Buford20WSB-DRTQC from 32, 15kw/280m, 34-07-32/83-51-32
GEOR La Grange22W22ECPG<100w/14m, 32-56-00/85-06-14.
GEOR Summerville24WKSY-LDQR from 21, 15kw/218m, 34-09-34/85-02-13; QG
GEOR Valdosta23W23FIPR<3kw/13m, 31-08-15/83-23-43
GUAM Agana28K28HSRA July 8th
GUAM Agana30K30HBRA July 8th
GUAM Agana32K32GBRA July 8th
GUAM Agana36K36GJRA July 8th
IDAH Blackfoot29K29KYPR<42w/-42m, 43-11-29/112-20-41; amendment to change site. PG; PC
ILLI Springfield31W33AYQR from 33, 100w/7m, 39-46-51/89-36-18
INDI Salem16WBKIATSC 3.0 host carrying WDRB, WAVE, WLKY, WHAS-TV, and WBNA.
KANS Garden City29K29JUPR<100w/-9m, 37-58-02/100-50-26
KANS Pittsburg13KFJXPC>45.1kw/337m
KANS Pittsburg31KPJO-LDOperating at reduced power of 7.5kw pending repair of fan in transmitter.
KANS Pittsburg7KOAM-TVPC>98.8kw/320m
KENT Louisville14WLKYATSC 3.0 guest on WBKI Salem, Ind. carrying 58.4 Movies!
KENT Louisville32WDRBATSC 3.0 guest on WBKI Salem, Ind. carrying 58.5 True Real, 58.6 Defy, and 58.3 My.
KENT Louisville36WAVEATSC 3.0 guest on WBKI Salem, Ind. carrying 58.1 CW & 58.2 Cozi
LOUI Baton Rouge3776236LSR STA, 5w/17m, 30-24-43/91-11-10; Tiger Stadium, Nov. 4th & 5th.
LOUI Iowa30K30QVPG>15kw/124m, 30-44-34/93-14-21; RA with new facilities July 11th.
LOUI Monroe12K12XQPR>3kw/123m, 31-40-14/92-05-24; PG
LOUI Shreveport20KTSH-CDCC from KBXS-CD
MAIN Bangor20W20ERPG 10kw/139m, 44-51-09/68-47-04; PC
MAIN Bangor32W32FSPG 10kw/139m, 44-51-09/68-47-04; PC
MARY Salisbury20W20EOPR<100w/10m, 38-23-48/75-38-53
MARY Salisbury23W23EDPR<100w/10m, 38-23-48/75-38-53
MARY Salisbury35W35DFPR<100w/10m, 38-23-48/75-38-53
MICH Traverse City19W19FBPR<1kw/55m, 44-46-30/85-52-11
MINN Alexandria7NEWAF 140kw/273m, 45-34-03/94-30-43 (Radiant Life Ministries)
MINN Duluth17K17OVPR<1kw/82m, 46-47-07/92-07-16; PG
MINN Duluth30K30QXPR<1kw/80m, 46-47-07/92-07-16; PG
MINN Oakland30K30QYPR>15kw/201m, 43-10-06/93-06-04
MINN Willmar15K15ISPR<100w/22m, 45-11-51/94-57-00; PG
MISSI Greenwood32WABG-TVReturned to full power July 14th.
MISSI Oxford4776238LSR STA, 5w/49m, 34-21-43/89-32-11; Vaught Hemingway Stadium, Oct. 14th-Nov. 12th.
MISSI Starkville18W18EXPR<100w/34m, 33-26-56/88-45-58; PG
MISSI Starkville22W22EPPR<100w/34m, 33-26-56/88-45-58; PG
MISSI Starkville23W23FDPR<100w/34m, 33-26-56/88-45-58; PG
MISSI Starkville3776242LSR STA, 5w/45m, 33-27-23/88-47-36; Davis Wade Stadium, Nov. 4th & 5th.
MISSO Joplin34K41KXRequests STA 100w/14m; to operate authorized facility at reduced power pending completion
MONT Butte29K29JTPR<100w/54m, 45-55-18/112-24-56; amendment to correct coordinates.
NEBR Lincoln36K36MOPR<100w/4m, 40-52-28/97-35-47; amendment to change site. PG.
NEBR Omaha21KQMK-LDRequests STA 5kw/147m, 41-13-30/95-57-12 pending repairs to transmitter & HVAC.
NEVA Elko17K17DTPC 1kw/322m, 40-48-47/115-41-59 (KRXI-TV Reno)
NEVA Ely27NEWAF 20kw/273m, 39-15-55/114-53-38 (TV-49)
NEVA Incline Village36K36NBPG<320w/629m, 39-15-34/119-42-20; NW
NEVA Tonopah9NEWAF 2.45kw/340m, 38-05-42/117-11-12 (TV-49)
NEWH Westmoreland27WWAX-LDPR<410w/14m, 42-08-18/72-35-01 (WVMA-CD Winchendon, Mass.)
NEWJ Atlantic City29W29FFPR>15kw/103m, 40-06-23/74-28-50 (KTBN-TV Santa Ana, Cal.); PG
NEWM Carlsbad19NEWAF 35kw/150m, 32-28-28/104-11-56 (TV-49)
NEWM Farmington34KFNM-LDCX14
NEWM Silver City10NEWAF 2.8kw/216m, 32-46-41/108-18-44 (TV-49)
NEWM Silver City12NEWAF 2.8kw/216m, 32-46-41/108-18-44 (TV-49)
NEWY Roslyn9W09CZRequests STA 500w/77m, 40-45-13/73-49-25 (WNYZ-LP 6 NYC); temporary facility pending completion of construction.
NEWY Watertown19WTKJ-LPDC 1.5kw
NORTHC Charlotte15W15EBOFF July 9th pending repair of Internet switch.
NORTHC Charlotte21W21CKCX21
NORTHC Sparta15W15EFGranted STA 410w/263m (WUNL-TV Winston-Salem)
NORTHC Sparta15W15EFReturned to full power July 7th.
NORTHC Tryon22W22FOQG from W32EO, 2.2kw/557m, 35-15-58/82-14-39
NORTHC Wilmington11W11DRPG<100w/10m, 34-19-13/78-17-11
NORTHC Wilmington19W19EUPG<100w/10m, 34-19-13/78-17-11
NORTHD Dickinson28K28QTPG>15kw/150m, 46-56-53/102-59-27
OHIO Cleveland28W28FGPR<200w/78m, 40-21-22/81-16-37
OKLA Durant27K27MVOperating at 57% power since July 7th transmitter failure.
OKLA Enid32K32MGQR from K19IR, 100w/9m, 36-24-28/97-59-56; QG; QC
OREG Medford16KTVLQR from 10, 350kw/1001m
OREG Medford18KDOV-LDPR>1.56kw/412m, 42-17-51/122-45-04
OREG Sutherlin11K11BXPG>460w/800m, 43-22-19/123-03-52 (KEZI-9 Eugene)
PENN Millersburg17WBZM-LDCC from W17DU
PUER Caguas20W20DSXG 17-59-28/66-06-23
PUER Ponce3W03BYPR>3kw/725m 18-09-07/66-33-12; PG
SOUTHC Florence22WVEB-LDOFF July 9th, Internet switch failure.
SOUTHD Sioux Falls22K22KDPR<100w/-6m, 43-30-38/96-44-20; PG
SOUTHD Sioux Falls26KCPO-LPDC 2.79kw/56m
SOUTHD Sioux Falls26KCPO-LPRequests STA 5kw/60m, 43-33-14/96-41-06; lost site.
TENN Knoxville4776235LSR STA, 5w/-5m, 35-57-18/83-55-38; Neyland Stadium, Oct. 14th & 15th.
TENN Memphis22WDNM-LDQC from 21, 15kw/266m, 35-10-29/89-50-43.
TENN Nashville15WTNX-LDCC from W15ER
TEXA Austin32K32OJQC from K29HW, 7.5kw/83m, 30-17-11/97-44-22
TEXA Austin33KVUEOperating at 50% power since July 12th tube failure.
TEXA Austin3776233LSR STA, 5w/-7m, 30-17-01/97-44-05; Texas Memorial Stadium, Sept. 9th & 10th.
TEXA Beaumont23KUMJ-LDNW 7.5kw/147m, 30-06-35/94-01-42
TEXA Canadian23K23ECCX12
TEXA Canadian29K29BRCX12
TEXA Canadian31K31CDCX12
TEXA Canadian33K33CQCX12
TEXA Canadian35K35CECX12
TEXA Follett43K43NUCX12
TEXA Follett45K45AUCX12
TEXA Follett47K47BPCX12
TEXA Follett49K49BBCX12
TEXA Fort Worth38KVFW-LPCX15a
TEXA Houston13KTRK-TVPG<32.4kw/580m
TEXA Houston3KZHO-LDPR<3kw/73m, 29-49-33/95-22-36
TEXA Killeen15KZAU-LDPR<100w/14m, 30-38-37/97-54-18
TEXA Mineral Wells11K11XNQG from K21KJ, 200w/65m, 32-32-12/97-24-47
TEXA Perryton21K21LVCX12
TEXA Perryton36K36MACX12
TEXA Perryton39K39LVCX12
TEXA Perryton41K41MXCX12
TEXA Tyler14K14NRPR>15kw/99m, 32-27-16/95-07-50; PG
TEXA Tyler35KPKN-LDOperating at reduced power of 1.5kw pending amplifier repairs.
USVI Christiansted5W05AWPR>3kw; PG
UTAH Logan15KUTO-LDPC>5kw/127m, 41-36-41/111-57-08
UTAH Vernal16776162AF 48.5kw/676m, 40-21-04/109-09-15 (Ventura Media Communications)
UTAH Wendover8K08QMPR>1kw/41m, 40-44-02/113-47-22
VIRG Norfolk16WTKRGranted STA 244kw/375m; operating at 40% power since June 18th mask filter failure.
WEST Clarksburg25W25FRPR 15kw/-46m, 39-23-42/81-13-48; PG
WEST Roanoke28W28FCPR<1kw/70m, 39-18-02/80-20-36; PG
WISC Eau Claire14WECX-LDPC>10.1kw/492m, 44-39-50/90-57-41
WISC Green Bay30W30BUDG 1kw/189m, 44-21-33/87-59-09; DC
WISC Green Bay5776237LSR STA 5w/10m, 44-30-05/88-03-44; Lambeau Field, Aug. 30th-Jan. 31st.
WISC Wausau36W36EIPR<100w/33m, 44-59-00/89-36-08; PG
WISC Wittenberg31NEWAF 17kw/96m, 44-49-06/89-01-59 (TV-49)

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