Friday, July 29, 2022

FM items

ALAS Juneau91.7KAUKPG 10kw/397m, 58-23-31/134-42-52
ALAS Kodiak94.1775840AF 10w/0m, 57-47-20/152-26-04 (CSN INTERNATIONAL)
ALAS Sitka90.9775565NS 99w/-207m, 57-03-02/135-20-00 (CSN INTERNATIONAL)
ARIZ Fort Mohave103.9KIDDPR>26kw/-93m
ARIZ Peach Springs100.9KWLPOperating at reduced power of 2.5kw (transmitter output) pending repairs.
ARIZ Show Low93.5KZUZPR>12.5kw/300m, 34-12-20/109-56-28
ARKA Augusta97.7KJSM-FMOperating at 50% power since July 25th HVAC failure.
ARKA Forrest City88.1KARHOFF July 23rd, tower destroyed by crop duster.
BRIT Squamish99.7NEWAF 5kw
CALI Hopland88.7KORBPG>130w/426m, 38-55-54/123-08-31
COLO Lamar88.3KRHJAF 30w/-4m, 38-04-37/102-37-01 (aux) dismissed, refiled for 5 watts, granted, and on the air.
COLO Strasburg97.7KPLS-FMPG>50kw/87m, 39-31-32/104-10-04 (KRSF-89.3 Ridgecrest, Cal.)
FLOR Everglades City98.1776232PA 250w/30m, 25-57-09/81-43-28
FLOR Port St. Joe101.9WVLQRequests STA for temporary site pending sale & relocation. 400w/32m, 29-50-45/85-19-16.
FLOR Windermere103.1WFYYCC from WOTW
GEOR La Grange91.9WBRQRequests STA 1kw/13m, 33-00-43/85-00-40; temporary site pending replacement of gear damaged in July 25th storm.
GEOR Tifton103.1WJYICC from WPLH
HAWA Hilo90.3KCIFOFF July 29th
IDAH Salmon99.9KXCDOFF July 21st pending move to Fairfield.
IOWA Newton88.3KKLGPR>600w/74m (KLVR-91.9 Middletown, Cal.)
IOWA Oskaloosa90.5KWPUPG>3.9kw/53m
MAIN Lincoln90.5WWLNOperating at unspecified reduced power since March 21st transmitter failure.
MASS Wellfleet90.7WRYPOFF Feb. 28th,
MICH Dearborn89.3WHFRRequests STA 270kw/30m, 42-19-26/83-14-08. I'm certain they mean 270 watts. Antenna failure. Granted.
MICH Rose Township90.9WMSDPG>14kw/83m, 44-28-08/84-08-31
MINN Crookston97.1KYCKNS 8.5kw/79m, 47-48-49/96-55-49 (aux)
MISSI Indianola105.7WDTLPG>28.5kw/200m, 33-39-27/90-42-17
MONT Lockwood88.9KYWHRA July 27th
NEVA Gerlach89.5KLAPXR 130w/-99m, 40-39-08/119-21-25
NEWH Jefferson97.3WCGY-FMNW 6kw/37m, 44-21-54/71-23-21
NEWY Albion102.1WJCAOperating at 64% power since July 29th power supply failure.
NEWY Jamestown89.7WNJARequests STA 2.2kw/211m, 42-02-48/79-05-24; temporary reduced power facility on Sheriff's Department tower pending replacement of existing tower.
NORT Garapan90.7KCKDPA July 8th
NORT Garapan91.5KMOPRA July 8th
NORTHC Buxton101.5WHDZPR>1.1kw/43m, 35-15-42/75-34-18
NORTHC Buxton90.5WBUXPR>10kw/43m, 35-15-42/75-34-18
OHIO Bolivar90.1WJEEPR>6kw/46m, 40-39-35/81-21-26
PUER Utuado89.9WUTD-FMPR 100w/-233m, 18-16-17/66-42-26
TEXA Abilene89.5KACUPR 59kw/197m
TEXA Bay City102.5KBBBCC from KMKS
TEXA Carbon100.1KJDEPR>15.5kw/130m dismissed
TEXA Eagle Pass92.7KINLOFF June 30th, lost site.
TEXA Uvalde102.3KUVAOFF June 30th, lost site.
TEXA Uvalde104.9KVOU-FMOFF June 30th, lost site.
TEXA Uvalde93.7KBNUOFF June 30th, lost site.
UTAH Dammeron Valley100.7KCAYPR>25kw/45m, 37-16-01/113-35-35
UTAH Levan96.7KQMBPG<7kw/0m, 39-39-27/111-50-52
WEST Bethany88.1WZUM-FMRA June 30th
WYOM Casper90.3KCSP-FMNW 383w/528m, 42-44-24/106-18-25 (aux)
ALAB Fort Payne93.9W230CXRA July 28th.
CALI Susanville98.5K253AAPR>55w/-160m, 40-26-36/120-38-39 (KWLU-98.9 Chester)
CALI Yreka97.9K250BXOFF July 19th
FLOR Orlando93.5W228DFPR<18w/71m, 28-34-49/81-25-16 (WOCL-105.9 Deland)
FLOR Tallahassee95.3W237FBPG>99w/156m, 30-29-17/84-16-47 (WTAL-1450); PC
FLOR West Palm Beach92.5W223CJPrimary changed to WIRK-HD3 103.1 Indiantown temporarily, will switch to WWNN-1470 Pompano Beach when that station is ready.
GEOR Albany104.9W285GEPC<80w/31m, 31-34-36/84-10-38 (WHHR-92.1 Vienna)
HAWA Hanalei105.5K288HKQC from K234DF-94.7, 250w 22-12-50/159-28-43 (KQNG-FM 93.5 Lihue)
IDAH Grangeville89.1K207EJQR from K201EA-88.1, 10w/703m, 45-51-47/116-07-25 (KAWZ-89.9 Twin Falls)
ILLI Taylorville96.5W243DNPrimary changed to WMKR-HD3 94.3 Pana.
INDI Poseyville98.9W255DQPG>180w/76m, 38-05-39/87-41-39 (WRCY-1590 Mt. Vernon); PC
MASS Fitchburg104.5WXLO-FM4CX26
MASS Lexington104.5WXLO-FM2CX26
MASS Waltham104.5WXLO-FM3CX26
MINN Albertville92.1K221ESPrimary changed to KQQL-HD4 107.9 Anoka via K249ED-97.7
MINN Albertville97.7K249EDPrimary changed to KQQL-HD4 107.9 Anoka.
MINN Bayport105.5K288GRPrimary changed to KQQL-HD4 107.9 Anoka via K260BA-99.9 Coon Rapids.
MINN Coon Rapids99.9K260BAPrimary changed to KQQL-HD4 107.9 Anoka.
MINN Grand Marais105.5K288BFPR>23w/156m, 47-46-10/90-20-45 (KDNW-97.3 Duluth)
MINN Grand Marais91.9K220BIPR>23w/156m, 47-46-10/90-20-45 (KLBF-89.1 Lincoln, N. Dak.)
MISSO Mountain Grove88.7K204FXOFF July 22nd, HVAC failure.
NEBR York99.3K257EFPC<250w/69m, 40-50-27/97-35-59 (KLCV-88.5 Lincoln)
NEWM Roswell103.1K276EDPG 250w/23m, 33-23-34/104-31-30 (KHFM-95.5 Santa Fe)
NORTHC Buxton91.7W219DWQR from W216BE-91.1, 120w/42.9, 35-15-42/75-34-18 (WURI-90.9 Manteo)
NORTHC Hillsborough103.7W281CPQR from 104.1, 250w/180m, 36-06-14/78-57-56 (WPTF-680 Raleigh)
NORTHC Reidsville93.5W228DSOFF July 6th, was fed via 4G LTE but provider stopped providing that service. RA July 18th.
NORTHC Winterville97.9W250CJPR>250w/101m, 35-36-26/77-28-04 (WRHD-94.3 Farmville)
NORT Saipan89.3K207FHQG from K206BM-89.1, 250w, 15-11-00/145-44-06E (KPRG-89.3 Agana, Guam)
OHIO Painesville94.7W234DOPG>50w/-12m, 41-44-23/81-14-05 (WABQ-1460); PC
PENN Pittsburgh100.1W261AXPrimary changed to KDKA-1020.
SOUTHC St. Matthews98.9W255DQPG>250w/187m, 33-45-47/80-49-22 (WFMV-620 Cayce)
TEXA Abilene105.9K290BVPrimary changed to KTJK-101.7 HD4 Hawley.
TEXA Dallas104.1K281DFPG 230w/184m, 32-32-44/96-57-57 (KLNO-94.1 Fort Worth)
TEXA Hillsboro96.7K244FCPR<250w/44m, 31-58-43/97-05-25 (KWBT-94.5 Waco)
UTAH Tooele89.7K209CJPR>250w/305m, 40-48-29/111-53-25; amendment from 282m (KKLV-107.5 Kaysville)
VERM White River Junction94.5W233CCPrimary changed to WGXL-HD2 92.1 Hanover, N.H.)
WYOM Therompolis89.5K208GFQC from K210EK-89.9, 250w/78m, 43-39-07/108-15-09 (KCSP-FM 90.3 Casper)
ARIZ Tucson100.3KPYT-LPPG<100w/-3m, 32-07-32/111-04-14
CALI El Dorado Hills97.3KCFS-LPRA July 22nd
FLOR West Palm Beach101.1WDZP-LPPR>46m, 26-42-49/80-05-35
ONTA Sarnia100.9NEWAF 45w denied, CRTC found Sarnia cannot financially support an additional station.
PENN York106.1WYCO-LPOFF May 13th, management restructuring.
TEXA Wimberley104.1KOWO-LPOFF July 25th, transmission system failure.
VERM South Royalton96.5WFVR-LPRequests STA for temporary site, 43-49-01/72-31-20, temporarily evicted from licensed site during renovations.
WISC Janesville91.9768541NS 2.1kw/135m, 42-42-30/89-04-29 (Vanguard Association of Sunbelt Colleges Corporation)
WYOM Kemmerer89.3762746NS 8kw/284m, 41-50-18/110-30-14 (University of Wyoming)
WYOM Kemmerer91.1762743NS 13kw/284m, 41-50-18/110-30-14 (University of Wyoming)

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