Friday, August 12, 2022

AM items

CALI Indio1400KESQOFF Aug. 5th.
COLO Lamar920KLMROFF July 23rd.
COLO Rifle690KRGSOFF Aug. 4th.
FLOR Ocala900WMOPRA Aug. 3rd
IDAH Sandpoint1400KSPTOFF Aug. 2nd.
INDI Mt. Vernon1590WPIWCC from WRCY
INDI Terre Haute1480WPFROperating at unspecified reduced power since Aug. 31st.
INDI Valparaiso1500WAKERA July 14th.
NEWJ Hammonton1580WGYMReturned to the air Aug. 1st.
NEWY Corning1350WCBACX11
NORTHC Reidsville1220WREVReturned to the air Aug. 11th.
OHIO Rossford1520WPAYReturned to the air Aug. 11th.
TEXA Abilene1560KZQQRA Aug. 1st.
TEXA Jacksonville1400KEBEOFF Aug. 9th
TEXA Rusk1580KTLUOFF Aug. 9th
WISC Waukesha1510WGKBOFF June 17th.

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