Friday, August 12, 2022

FM items

ALAB Carbon Hill90.7WJJLPG 10.5kw/122m, 34-00-00/87-25-08
ALAB Elba101.1WZTZRequests STA 3kw/83m, 31-24-17/86-00-54; temporary site pending approval of permanent move. Granted. CC from WVVL.
ALAS Homer92.1776245PA 10w/209m, 59-40-16/151-30-32 (CSN INTERNATIONAL)
ALAS Juneau91.7KAUKPG 10kw/397m, 58-23-31/134-42-52
ALAS Kodiak94.1775840AF 10w/0m, 57-47-20/152-26-04 (CSN INTERNATIONAL)
ALAS North Pole106.7775824AF 99w/25m, 64-45-19/147-20-45 (CSN INTERNATIONAL)
ALAS North Pole107.7776330PA 99w/25m, 64-45-19/147-20-45 (CSN INTERNATIONAL)
ALAS Sitka90.9775565NS 99w/-207m, 57-03-02/135-20-00 (CSN INTERNATIONAL)
ARIZ Fort Mohave103.9KIDDPR>26kw/-93m
ARIZ Mescal98.5KPSA-FMPR>26kw/28m, 31-59-29/110-10-38; CL from Lordsburg, N.M.
ARIZ Peach Springs100.9KWLPOperating at reduced power of 2.5kw (transmitter output) pending repairs.
ARIZ Show Low93.5KZUZPR>12.5kw/300m, 34-12-20/109-56-28
ARKA Augusta97.7KJSM-FMOperating at 50% power since July 25th HVAC failure.
ARKA Eureka Springs100.9KESAPC<1.3kw/560, 36-21-38/93-44-55
ARKA Forrest City88.1KARHOFF July 23rd, tower destroyed by crop duster.
BRIT Squamish99.7NEWAF 5kw
CALI Bella Vista88.5KKRNPG>1.2kw/610m
CALI Hopland88.7KORBPG>130w/426m, 38-55-54/123-08-31
CALI Linden89.3KCAIPR<2kw/65m, 37-53-55/121-06-36 (KLVR-91.9 Middletown); PG
CALI Morgan Hill89.9KHCFGranted STA 74w-H/-186m, 37-05-53/121-35-43; temporary site pending move.
CALI Ridgecrest93.7KZFXOperating at 30% power since Aug. 8th, pending transmitter repairs.
CALI San Diego103.7KSONNW 1.8kw/568m, 32-41-47/116-56-12 (aux)
CALI San Diego96.5KYXYNW 2.5kw/568m, 32-41-47/116-56-12 (aux)
COLO Buena Vista104.1KFXYPR<250w/345m, 38-44-44/106-11-55
COLO Craig89.7KRYJPR 100w/273m, 40-33-55/107-36-42
COLO Denver100.3KIMNAF 15kw/337m, 39-40-25/105-13-05 (aux)
COLO Denver105.1KXKL-FMAF 3kw/337m, 39-40-25/105-13-05
COLO Durango101.3KIQXOperating at reduced power pending HVAC repairs & transmitter replacement.
COLO Lamar88.3KRHJAF 30w/-4m, 38-04-37/102-37-01 (aux) dismissed, refiled for 5 watts, granted, and on the air.
COLO Meeker98.1KAYWOperating at reduced power pending replacement of cooling blowers.
COLO Rifle90.9KRJXOFF July 1st, lost site.
COLO Rifle105.3KZKSOperating at reduced power pending repairs.
COLO Strasburg97.7KPLS-FMPG>50kw/87m, 39-31-32/104-10-04 (KRSF-89.3 Ridgecrest, Cal.)
COLO Vail88.5KVQIOperating at reduced power of 500 watts as required by U.S. Forest Service. Will apply for permanent reduction.
FLOR Everglades City98.1776232PA 250w/30m, 25-57-09/81-43-28
FLOR Panama City107.9WPFMOperating at unspecified reduced power since July 23rd antenna failure.
FLOR Port St. Joe101.9WVLQRequests STA for temporary site pending sale & relocation. 400w/32m, 29-50-45/85-19-16. Amended to 400w/44m, 29-47-27/85-17-01. Amendment denied, STA dismissed. Refiled & granted.
FLOR Windermere103.1WFYYCC from WOTW
GEOR Kingsland90.3WPBQPG 8.7kw/123m, 30-55-54/81-42-29
GEOR La Grange91.9WBRQRequests STA 1kw/13m, 33-00-43/85-00-40; temporary site pending replacement of gear damaged in July 25th storm.
GEOR Tifton103.1WJYICC from WPLH
GEOR Woodbury94.5WFDR-FMRA Aug. 1st with new facilities.
HAWA Hilo90.3KCIFOFF July 29th
HAWA Lihue89.9KIPLReturned to full power July 13th.
IDAH Caldwell89.9KRBXOperating at reduced power of 750 watts since feedlikne failure.
IDAH Ponderay88.5KRFYOFF Aug. 2nd pending approval to move; lost site.
IDAH Ponderay88.5KRFYPR 1.45kw/-136m, 48-18-13/116-32-18
IDAH Salmon99.9KXCDOFF July 21st pending move to Fairfield.
IDAH Twin Falls90.7KCIROperating at reduced power of 4kw pending blower repairs.
INDI Mount Vernon102.5WMVICC from WYFX
IOWA Newton88.3KKLGPR>600w/74m (KLVR-91.9 Middletown, Cal.)
IOWA Oskaloosa90.5KWPUPG>3.9kw/53m
KENT Central City101.9WEKVOperating at unspecified reduced power since July 25th transmitter failure.
LOUI Lafayette90.9KIKLRA Aug. 11th at reduced power.
MAIN Lincoln90.5WWLNOperating at unspecified reduced power since March 21st transmitter failure.
MARY Princess Anne102.5WBOC-FMPC<50kw/144m, 38-06-47/75-39-15
MASS Wellfleet90.7WRYPOFF Feb. 28th,
MICH Dearborn89.3WHFRRequests STA 270kw/30m, 42-19-26/83-14-08. I'm certain they mean 270 watts. Antenna failure. Granted.
MICH Rose Township90.9WMSDPG>14kw/83m, 44-28-08/84-08-31
MINN Crookston97.1KYCKNS 8.5kw/79m, 47-48-49/96-55-49 (aux)
MISSI Durant101.1WLIN-FMRequests STA 500w/79m; tower badly damaged & dismantled; granted.
MISSI Ellisville98.1WMXIPR 1kw/202m, 31-31-36/89-08-10
MISSI Indianola105.7WDTLPG>28.5kw/200m, 33-39-27/90-42-17
MISSI Inverness97.9WIBTPR 27.5kw/203m, 33-22-34/90-32-32
MISSO Fair Grove99.9KBFL-FMRequests CL from Buffalo.
MONT Highwood106.1KQDI-FMRA Aug. 5th
MONT Lockwood88.9KJCBCC from KYWH; RA July 27th.
NEBR Bridgeport101.3KOZY-FMRequests STA 1kw/204m, 41-42-04/103-40-51; site destroyed by Aug. 5th wildfire. Using temporary antenna on KNEB-FM tower.
NEBR Gering93.3KMORRequests STA 6kw/51m, 41-47-31/103-38-31; site destroyed by Aug. 5th wildfire. Using KNEB-FM aux antenna.
NEBR Minatare106.9KHYYRequests STA 500w/172m, 41-42-04/103-40-51; site destroyed by Aug. 5th wildfire. Using facilities of K262CU at increased power.
NEVA Gerlach89.5KLAPXR 130w/-99m, 40-39-08/119-21-25
NEWH Concord105.5WJYYPR 1.35kw/151m, 43-16-42/71-30-18
NEWH Conway104.5WVMJOperating at reduced power of 1.4kw vs. licensed 1.85, pending transmitter replacement.
NEWH Jefferson97.3WCGY-FMNW 6kw/37m, 44-21-54/71-23-21
NEWJ Newark94.7WXBKPC 40kw/170m, 40-47-53/74-05-26
NEWM Los Alamos98.5KABGLC 13.8kw/1258m, 35-12-54/106-27-04
NEWM Roswell96.1KPQNPC>50kw/136m, 33-23-57/104-22-32
NEWY Albion102.1WJCAOperating at 64% power since July 29th power supply failure.
NEWY Jamestown89.7WNJARequests STA 2.2kw/211m, 42-02-48/79-05-24; temporary reduced power facility on Sheriff's Department tower pending replacement of existing tower.
NORT Garapan90.7KCKDPA July 8th
NORT Garapan91.5KMOPRA July 8th
NORTHC Buxton101.5WHDZPR>1.1kw/43m, 35-15-42/75-34-18
NORTHC Buxton90.5WBUXPR>10kw/43m, 35-15-42/75-34-18
OHIO Bolivar90.1WJEEPR>6kw/46m, 40-39-35/81-21-26
OHIO Dennison102.3776261PA 6kw/73m, 40-23-54/81-21-33
OHIO Wilmington102.3WKLNPC<3kw/79m, 39-21-55/83-46-10
PENN Burgettstown103.5WOGHReturned to full power Aug. 3rd.
PENN Galeton100.7WCOG-FMPR>24kw/102m, 41-44-34/77-38-34
PUER Utuado89.9WUTD-FMPR 100w/-233m, 18-16-17/66-42-26
RHOD Narragansett88.5WQNPCC from WJJA
TENN Hopewell93.9WQMTPG>17.5kw/120m, 35-21-55/84-45-22
TENN Memphis91.1WKNO-FMOperating at 50% power since July 23rd multiple power failures.
TEXA Abilene89.5KACUPR 59kw/197m
TEXA Atlanta100.1KNRBOFF withdrawn, filed in error.
TEXA Baird95.1KABWPC>100kw/139m, 32-17-07/99-38-39
TEXA Bay City102.5KBBBCC from KMKS
TEXA Carbon100.1KJDEPR>15.5kw/130m dismissed
TEXA Eagle Pass92.7KINLOFF June 30th, lost site.
TEXA Goldthwaite92.7KRNRPC 3.9kw/126m
TEXA Goldthwaite92.7KRNRPR>7.8kw/125m
TEXA Goldthwaite92.7KRNRAF 1.8kw/115m (aux)
TEXA Jacksonville95.1KEBE-FMOFF Aug. 11th, lease canceled.
TEXA San Diego105.9KUKARequests STA 1kw/8m, 27-46-40/98-04-57; to operate from studio location, tower collapsed.
TEXA Uvalde102.3KUVAOFF June 30th, lost site.
TEXA Uvalde104.9KVOU-FMOFF June 30th, lost site.
TEXA Uvalde93.7KBNUOFF June 30th, lost site.
UTAH Dammeron Valley100.7KCAYPR>25kw/45m, 37-16-01/113-35-35
UTAH Levan96.7KQMBPG<7kw/0m, 39-39-27/111-50-52
UTAH Price91.9KEYPPC>2kw/2990, 39-31-44/111-03-04
WASH Mesa104.5KZJJPC>14kw/299, 46-25-25/119-04-56
WEST Barrackville93.1WFGM-FMRequests STA 3.3kw/113m, 39-25-08/80-10-52; temporary site pending repairs to storm damage.
WEST Bethany88.1WZUM-FMRA June 30th
WISC Altoona98.1WISM-FMNW 5.2kw/72m, 44-49-47/91-26-49 (aux)
WYOM Casper90.3KCSP-FMNW 383w/528m, 42-44-24/106-18-25 (aux)
WYOM Wheatland106.5KLLMPC>300w/1526, 42-00-58/105-00-10
NEBR Scottsbluff100.3K262CUOFF Aug. 5th, transmitter & antenna are being used to return KHYY-106.9 to the air after its transmitter was destroyed in a wildfire.
ALAB Colbert Heights98.7W254AAPrimary changed to WADI-95.3 Corinth, Miss..
ALAB Fort Payne93.9W230CXRA July 28th.
ALAB Tallasssee106.9W295DLPR>250w/146m, 32-33-35/85-55-21 (WTLS-1300)
ALAS Kake103.5K278GEQC from K257CN-99.3 Juneau Aug. 5th.
ARKA Dardanelle96.7K244FPPC>250w/393m, 35-13-42/93-15-21 (KCJC-102.3)
CALI Lone Pine107.1K296DWOFF Aug. 11th, transmitter failure.
CALI Monterey102.9K275CUPG 230w/310m, 36-30-22/121-43-08 (KARW-97.9 Salinas)
CALI Petaluma102.5K273CUPG>125w/412m, 38-19-56/122-35-44 (KHTH-101.7 Santa Rosa)
CALI San Francisco99.3K257GERequests change in primary to KSFN-1510 Piedmont. Translator is tied to KZDG-1550 but argues it could have also been tied to KSFN under the rules at the time.
CALI Susanville98.5K253AAPR>55w/-160m, 40-26-36/120-38-39 (KWLU-98.9 Chester)
CALI Yreka97.9K250BXOFF July 19th
COLO Durango90.5K213ADLicense canceled Aug. 3rd.
COLO Grand Junction101.9K270AYPG<50w/449m, 39-03-59/108-44-43 (KKVT-100.7); PC
COLO Gunnison101.3K267ABRA July 14th
COLO Manitou Springs89.1K206BZPR>99w/-76m, 38-45-41/104-47-06 (KEPC-89.7 Colorado Springs)
COLO Plainview88.9K205FVOperating at unspecified reduced power to alleviate interference with new station.
COLO West Glenwood Springs88.9KCJX-FM1License canceled Aug. 3rd.
FLOR Eatonville103.5W278CNPG 196w/134m, 28-42-50/81-20-34 (WVVO-1190 Orlando)
FLOR Egypt Lake94.5W233CVPC>250w/66m, 28-00-43/82-29-52 (WHBO-1040 Pinellas Park)
FLOR Egypt Lake94.5W233CVPC>250w/66m, 28-00-43/82-29-52 (WHBO-1040 Pinellas Park)
FLOR Kissimmee103.7W279CTPG>181w/129m, 28-22-02/81-23-12 (WVVO-1190 Orlando)
FLOR Kissimmee104.7W284DUPG 250w/126m, 28-22-02/81-23-12 (WPOZ-88.3 Orlando)
FLOR Orlando93.5W228DFPR<18w/71m, 28-34-49/81-25-16 (WOCL-105.9 Deland)
FLOR Tallahassee95.3W237FBPG>99w/156m, 30-29-17/84-16-47 (WTAL-1450); PC
FLOR West Palm Beach92.5W223CJPrimary changed to WIRK-HD3 103.1 Indiantown temporarily, will switch to WWNN-1470 Pompano Beach when that station is ready.
GEOR Albany104.9W285GEPC<80w/31m, 31-34-36/84-10-38 (WHHR-92.1 Vienna)
GEOR Dallas92.5W223BPPC>19w/88m, 33-54-51/84-47-45 (WAKL-106.7 Gainesville)
GEOR Warner Robbins91.9W220EPPG<99w/53m, 32-37-01/83-39-00 (WGLU-102.5)
HAWA Hanalei105.5K288HKQC from K234DF-94.7, 250w 22-12-50/159-28-43 (KQNG-FM 93.5 Lihue)
HAWA Hilo94.7KWXX-FM1AF 2kw/293m, 19-00-10/155-40-29
IDAH Grangeville89.1K207EJQR from K201EA-88.1, 10w/703m, 45-51-47/116-07-25 (KAWZ-89.9 Twin Falls)
IDAH Pocatello95.7K239BRPR withdrawn, "erroneously filed".
IDAH Sandpoint90.3K212EYOFF Aug. 8th, lost site.
IDAH Sandpoint105.3K287BTOFF Aug. 2nd, lost site.
ILLI Monmouth94.1W231DAPG>250w/61m, 40-55-19/90-39-07 (WRAM-1330)
ILLI Peoria92.9W225DCPG>250w/111m, 40-44-10/89-34-29 (WOAM-1350)
ILLI Taylorville96.5W243DNPrimary changed to WMKR-HD3 94.3 Pana.
INDI Poseyville98.9W255DQPG>180w/76m, 38-05-39/87-41-39 (WRCY-1590 Mt. Vernon); PC
INDI Valparaiso97.5W248APPrimary changed to WAKE-1500.
IOWA Clinton105.9K290CLPC<250w/128m, 41-51-36/90-12-18 (KROS-1340)
KANS Phillipsburg91.1K216EDPR 222w/45m, 39-46-21/99-18-29 (KPRD-88.9 Hays)
LOUI Franklinton102.7K274CWRA July 26th
MARY Ocean City94.9W235DDPG 120w/39m, 38-23-19/75-03-50 (WKNZ-88.7 Harrington, Del.)
MASS Fitchburg104.5WXLO-FM4License canceled July 26th.
MASS Lexington104.5WXLO-FM2License canceled July 26th.
MASS Waltham104.5WXLO-FM3License canceled July 26th.
MICH Escanaba103.9W280GBPG>250w/66m, 45-51-02/87-02-13 (WYKX-104.7)
MICH Kalamazoo105.1W286AUPrimary changed to WAKV-980 Otsego.
MINN Albertville92.1K221ESPrimary changed to KQQL-HD4 107.9 Anoka via K249ED-97.7
MINN Albertville97.7K249EDPrimary changed to KQQL-HD4 107.9 Anoka.
MINN Bayport105.5K288GRPrimary changed to KQQL-HD4 107.9 Anoka via K260BA-99.9 Coon Rapids.
MINN Brainerd95.1W236DFRA Aug. 4th.
MINN Coon Rapids99.9K260BAPrimary changed to KQQL-HD4 107.9 Anoka.
MINN Grand Marais105.5K288BFPR>23w/156m, 47-46-10/90-20-45 (KDNW-97.3 Duluth)
MINN Grand Marais91.9K220BIPR>23w/156m, 47-46-10/90-20-45 (KLBF-89.1 Lincoln, N. Dak.)
MINN Moorhead96.9K245BYPC>250w/89m, 46-49-03/96-48-08 (KLTA-FM 105.1 Moorhead); same site as K224FD Fargo, N.D.
MISSI Jackson90.7W214BEPG<55w/37m, 32-17-09/90-12-43 (WZXX-88.5 Lawrenceburg, Tenn.); PC
MISSO Mountain Grove88.7K204FXOFF July 22nd, HVAC failure.
MISSO St. Louis95.1K236CSPR>99w/207m, 38-32-07/90-22-23 (WSDZ-1260 Belleville, Ill.)
MISSO St. Louis105.3K287BYPR 99w/211m, 38-32-07/90-22-23 (KXFN- )
MISSO St. Louis106.9K295CQReturned to the air Aug. 11th.
NEBR Briggs98.9K255CJPR>75w/158m, 41-13-30/95-57-12 (KHLW- Tabor, Ia.)
NEBR York99.3K257EFPC<250w/69m, 40-50-27/97-35-59 (KLCV-88.5 Lincoln)
NEVA Las Vegas103.1K276GXPG>180w/263m, 36-08-51/115-09-20 (KBET-790 Winchester)
NEVA Las Vegas94.7K234BSPR<250w/-10m, 36-07-50/115-11-53 (KAER-89.3 Mesquite)
NEWJ Palisades Park98.3W252CSPR>120w/101m, 40-50-46/73-59-07 (WVIP-93.5 New Rochelle, N.Y.)
NEWM Roswell103.1K276EDPG 250w/23m, 33-23-34/104-31-30 (KHFM-95.5 Santa Fe)
NEWY Penn Yan96.1W241CNQG from W260BE-99.9, 250w/50m, 42-33-19/77-07-28 (WFLR-1570 Dundee)
NEWY Watkins Glen 101.9W270BYPG<250w/35m, 42-18-33/76-49-20 (WFLR-1570 Dundee)
NORTHC Buxton91.7W219DWQR from W216BE-91.1, 120w/42.9, 35-15-42/75-34-18 (WURI-90.9 Manteo); QG
NORTHC Franklin105.3W287CDPG<105w/670m, 35-19-41/83-20-11 (WNCC-104.1)
NORTHC Hillsborough103.7W281CPQR from 104.1, 250w/180m, 36-06-14/78-57-56 (WPTF-680 Raleigh)
NORTHC Reidsville93.5W228DSOFF July 6th, was fed via 4G LTE but provider stopped providing that service. RA July 18th.
NORTHC Rocky Mount105.7W289BLPC<250w/18m, 35-58-46/77-34-35 (WEED-1390)
NORTHC Williamston92.1W221ESPG 250w/107m, 35-51-28/77-02-33 (WIAM-900)
NORTHC Winterville97.9W250CJPR>250w/101m, 35-36-26/77-28-04 (WRHD-94.3 Farmville)
NORTHD Bowman106.5K293BNOFF Apr. 19th, primary is off.
NORTHD Dickinson106.9K295BROFF Apr. 19th, primary is off.
NORTHD Fargo92.7K224FDPC>230w/89m, 46-49-03/96-48-08 (KQWB-1660 West Fargo)
NORTHD New England102.7K274CCOFF Apr. 19th, primary is off.
NORTHD Wahpeton94.5K233CYPC>175w/89m, 46-49-03/96-48-08 (KBVB-95.1 Barnesville, Minn.); same site as K224FD Fargo.
NORT Saipan89.3K207FHQG from K206BM-89.1, 250w, 15-11-00/145-44-06E (KPRG-89.3 Agana, Guam)
OHIO Painesville94.7W234DOPG>50w/-12m, 41-44-23/81-14-05 (WABQ-1460); PC
OHIO Toledo103.3W277BIReturned to the air Aug. 11th.
OHIO Toledo92.1W221BGReturned to the air July 16th.
OKLA Guymon88.5K203FOQC form K211CB-90.1 (KHYM-103.9 Copeland, Kans.)
OREG Madras96.5KJIV-FM1OFF July 27th, interference with other station at same site.
OREG Nehalem91.7K219KUPR<120w/-141m, 45-43-03/123-53-38 (KXRY-91.1 Portland)
PENN Hazleton107.9W300BTPC>250w/171m, 40-58-09/75-57-27 (WAEB-FM Allentown)
PENN Monroeville97.5W248ARPG>210w/138m, 40-17-20/79-42-03 (WKFB-770 Jeannette)
PENN Pittsburgh100.1W261AXPrimary changed to KDKA-1020.
PUER Aguadilla104.5W283DRPG 250w/334m, 18-18-59/67-10-49 (WDNO-960 Quebradillas)
PUER Bayamon96.1W241DEPG 190w/151m, 18-19-24/66-06-45 (WCMA-96.5 Bayamon)
PUER Ponce98.7WUKQ-FM1Operating at reduced power of 250 watts pending transmitter repairs.
SOUTHC St. Matthews98.9W255DQPG>250w/187m, 33-45-47/80-49-22 (WFMV-620 Cayce)
SOUTHD Mitchell89.7K209FXOFF Aug. 9th, lost site.
SOUTHD Mitchell90.1K211GEQG from K207EW-89.3 (WJFM-88.5 Baton Rouge, La.)
SOUTHD Pierre107.1K296FIPC<100w/114m, 44-22-12/100-21-14 (KGFX-FM 92.7)
TENN Bluhmtown92.3W222BZPR 120w/82m, 35-50-56/86-21-11 (WMOT-89.5 Murfreesboro)
TENN Hartsville104.9W285GGPG 250w/111m, 36-28-26/86-16-39 (WTNK-1090)
TENN Hartsville93.5W228CBPR 250w/111m, 36-28-25/86-16-39; amendment from 94.3MHz to avoid interference to WHPY-FM 94.5. (WTNK-1090)
TENN Hartsville93.7W229DNQG from W230CV-93.9, 250w/8m, 36-23-16/86-09-48 (WTNK-1090)
TEXA Abilene105.9K290BVPrimary changed to KTJK-101.7 HD4 Hawley.
TEXA Austin102.7K274AXPrimary changed to KBPA-103.5 HD2 Austin.
TEXA Brownfield106.1K291BDPR>170w/103m, 33-08-59/102-16-47 (KKLU-90.9 Lubbock)
TEXA Cedar Hill101.5K268BQPR<12w/99m, 32-32-36/96-57-33; amendment from 99w/61m & to change site (KWAA Mart); PG
TEXA Cleburne98.3K252EBPG<165w/31m, 32-39-24/96-36-58 (KZRF-FM Sulphur Springs)
TEXA Dallas104.1K281DFPG 230w/184m, 32-32-44/96-57-57 (KLNO-94.1 Fort Worth)
TEXA Hillsboro96.7K244FCPR<250w/44m, 31-58-43/97-05-25 (KWBT-94.5 Waco)
TEXA Houston103.5K278DAPrimary changed to KGOL-1180 Humble.
TEXA Jacksonville104.7K284CTOFF Aug. 9th, financial constraints.
TEXA Rusk103.9K280CLOFF Aug. 9th, financial constraints.
UTAH Tooele89.7K209CJPR>250w/305m, 40-48-29/111-53-25; amendment from 282m (KKLV-107.5 Kaysville)
VERM Waterbury96.5W243DTOperating at 25% power since June 30th failure of main transmitter.
VERM White River Junction94.5W233CCPrimary changed to WGXL-HD2 92.1 Hanover, N.H.)
VIRG Charlottesville104.9W285EFPG 50w/298m, 37-59-04/78-28-51 (WHTE-FM 101.9 Ruckersville)
VIRG Charlottesville105.5W288EDOFF Aug. 2nd pending changes in programming.
VIRG Charlottesville94.1W231ADPG>150w/298m, 37-59-04/78-28-51 (WKAV-1400)
VIRG Charlottesville99.3W257ETPG<50w/298m, 37-59-04/78-28-51 (WCHV-1260)
WISC Hurley102.9W275CRPG>250w/176m, 46-28-18/90-00-44 (WHRY-1450)
WYOM Therompolis89.5K208GFQC from K210EK-89.9, 250w/78m, 43-39-07/108-15-09 (KCSP-FM 90.3 Casper)
ALBE Brocket105.7NEWAF 50w/17m, Indigenous.
ARIZ Sedona92.1KUOS-LPReturned to the air Aug. 11th.
ARIZ Tucson100.3KPYT-LPPG<100w/-3m, 32-07-32/111-04-14
CALI Alpine107.9KRLY-LPPR 100w/25m, 32-50-29/116-47-15
CALI El Dorado Hills97.3KCFS-LPRA July 22nd
CALI Muir Beach99.3KGXY-LPGranted STA 1w/74m, 37-52-18/122-32-07; temporary site pending approval of permanent site by Coast Guard.
CALI San Francisco102.5KSFP-LPRA July 14th
FLOR West Palm Beach101.1WDZP-LPPR>46m, 26-42-49/80-05-35
GEOR Fayetteville102.1WGAF-LPRA June 24th with new facilities, 41w/47m, 33-23-39/84-35-41
GEOR Thomasville98.3WJGG-LPOFF withdrawn
NEWJ Maplewood95.9WNJI-LPRA Aug. 7th.
NEWY Kingston103.9WKHV-LPPR<100w/-23m, 41-55-54/74-01-35; PG
OKLA Welch94.7KVWO-LPLicense canceled Aug. 4th.
ONTA Sarnia100.9NEWAF 45w denied, CRTC found Sarnia cannot financially support an additional station.
OREG Grants Pass106.7KCGP-LPRA Aug. 5th
OREG Portland95.1KISN-LPPC<2w/295m, 45-27-16/122-33-05
PENN Erie95.9WXNM-LPOFF July 27th pending assorted changes.
PENN Meyersdale102.3WHYU-LPLicense canceled Aug. 8th.
PENN York106.1WYCO-LPOFF May 13th, management restructuring.
SOUTHC Hartsville95.9WMSZ-LPCC from WHEZ-LP
TEXA San Angelo106.9KAGA-LPPR>100w/26m, 31-29-06/100-27-27; amendment from 98.1 @ 26m & to change site. PG.
TEXA Wimberley104.1KOWO-LPOFF July 25th, transmission system failure.
VERM South Royalton96.5WFVR-LPRequests STA for temporary site, 43-49-01/72-31-20, temporarily evicted from licensed site during renovations.
VIRG Madison Heights94.5WRMV-LPPC<100w/-7m, 37-25-13/79-07-18
ARIZ Chambers89.3KZFLCC for NS (Chambers Baptist Church)
ARKA Clarksville91.9767530NS 1.4kw/-7m, 35-27-40/93-26-52 (Johnson County Community Radio)
CALI Joshua Tree91.9767348PR<220w/-143m, 34-07-36/116-16-36 (Animal Authority Rescue Team)
FLOR Carabelle89.3NEWAF 100kw/168m, 29-45-06/84-52-19 (ETHREE GROUP)
FLOR Port St. Joe89.5NEWAF 90kw/79m, 30-01-41/85-10-47 (Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor)
INDI Seymour88.5768880AF withdrawn by applicant. (Community Radio For Hoosiers)
MONT Butte88.1NEWNS 5kw-V/43m, 45-57-03/112-30-42 (Old Fashion Baptist Church of Butte)
NEBR Falls City89.9KQNE-FMCC for NS (Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Commission)
NEWM Ruidoso90.3KYWHCC for NS (International Scripture Ministries)
OKLA Durant89.1768754AF 15kw/44m, 34-04-38/96-20-30 (St. William Parish)
PENN Martinsburg90.3763678AF 160w/282m, 40-17-33/78-15-38; amendment from 160w/297m (Central Pennsylvania Christian Institute)
UTAH Nephi91.3KYJMCC for NS (First Baptist Church of Nephi)
VERM Derby Center89.3WNEKCC for NS (Christian Ministries)
VERM Hyde Park88.9WHYDCC for NS (Christian Ministries)
WASH Aberdeen89.5768401NS 100w/72m, 46-56-44/123-47-53 (First Baptist Church of Riverview)
WASH McCleary89.7768926NS 70w/622m, 46-58-30/123-08-21 (Community Sustaining Fund)
WASH Taholah89.5768636NS 500w/230m, 47-29-53/124-04-08 (Oakridge Community Radio)
WISC Janesville91.9768541NS 2.1kw/135m, 42-42-30/89-04-29 (Vanguard Association of Sunbelt Colleges Corporation)
WYOM Hillsdale89.1767299NS 3.3kw/32m, 41-10-01/104-26-51 (Cheyenne Broadcasting Foundation)
WYOM Kemmerer89.3762746NS 8kw/284m, 41-50-18/110-30-14 (University of Wyoming)
WYOM Kemmerer91.1762743NS 13kw/284m, 41-50-18/110-30-14 (University of Wyoming)

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