Friday, August 19, 2022

TV items

ALAB Montgomery29W29FPPR>4.6kw/100m, 32-22-28/86-17-08; PG
CALI Chico27KUCO-LDOperating at 50% power since Aug. 5th transmitter failure.
CALI Fresno25K25KYOFF July 17th, landowner denied permission for continued operation.
CALI Redding8KVFR-LDPR<100w/-43m, 40-36-39/122-22-57; withdrawn & refiled & granted
COLO Arriba19K19MZPR>1kw/105m, 39-22-34/103-41-43; RA with these facilities Aug. 15th.
COLO Glenwood Springs27KHGS-LDQR from 39, 750w/-78m; QG
COLO Grand Junction25K25FZDR 15kw/875m, 39-02-55/108-15-08; DG
DIST Washington34WRC-TVAF 297kw/159m, 38-57-50/77-06-17 (aux)
FLOR Clearwater26WXAX-CDPR 15kw/376m, 27-49-11/82-15-38; PG
FLOR Clearwater26WXAX-CDPR<15kw/377m, 27-50-52/82-15-49; PG
FLOR Greenville28W28FDPR>15kw/39m, 30-34-14/83-06-12; PG
FLOR Jasper6W06DIPR<500w/19m, 30-13-04/82-38-19; PG
FLOR Melbourne31WSCF-LDQC from 20, 15kw/96m, 28-02-50/80-40-33
FLOR Panama City27W27EOPR<100w/9m, 30-11-01/85-46-34; PG
FLOR Tallahassee15WTFL-LDCC from W15EQ
FLOR Tampa31W31EGOFF July 23rd; exciter damage; Returned to the air Aug. 3rd.
GEOR Valdosta23W23FIPR<3kw/13m, 31-08-15/83-23-43; PG; RA with these facilities.
IDAH Bonners Ferry31K40MTQR from 40, 200w/842m; amended to 175w
IDAH Pocatello20K20MOQR from K47JK, 1kw/310m; QG
INDI Fort WayneWODP-LDReturned to full power Aug. 16th.
KANS Topeka22K22OAQR from K40IJ; QG
LOUI Baton Rouge27K27NBOFF July 23rd pending repairs to amplifier modules; Returned to the air Aug. 11th.
MARY Hagerstown25W25FEQR from W42CK, 2.5kw/65m, 39-36-38/77-46-54; QG
MICH Traverse City19W19FBPR<2kw/6m, 44-38-23/85-17-13
MINN Duluth23K23MQPG>15kw/312m; PC
MINN Geneva21K21NUQR from K48KJ, 5kw/175m; QG
MINN Vesta34K34QFQR from K43MH, 5kw/101m; QG
MISSO Columbia21K21PDRA Aug. 12th
MISSO Jefferson City33K33MNRA Aug. 12th
MONT Big Timber17K17JPXC 132w/380m, 45-41-47/110-46-07 (KTVQ-20 Billings)
MONT Billings19K19LBQR from K45KS, 5kw/92m
MONT Billings31K31NNQR from K51KR, 5kw/89m
NEBR Norfolk17K30BPQR from 30, 5kw/128m
NEVA Reno13K13AAVPR<100w/123m, 39-35-02/119-47-55; PG
NEVA Reno28K28NPPR<100w/-227m, 39-27-11/119-44-18
NEWH Westmoreland15WYBM-LDPR<2kw/130m, 42-26-27/73-02-40; PG; RA Aug. 14th with these facilities.
NEWH Westmoreland6WVCC-LDPR>3kw/273m, 42-18-11/71-13-05
NEWJ Newton18WMBC-TVAF 142kw/496m (aux); NS; NW
NEWM Albuquerque28776347Requests STA 100w/-122m, 35-11-32/106-35-58; Oct. 1st-9th covering the venue for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Granted.
NEWY Plattsburgh14WPTZReturned to full power Aug. 16th.
NORTHC Asheville22W22EYDR from W41BQ, 2.5kw/324m; DG
NORTHC Raleigh34WACN-LDPC>15kw/217m, 36-14-55/79-39-20
NORTHD Minot18K18NWPR>150w/173m; PG
NORTHD Williston20K20PBPR>200w/293m; PG
OREG Paisley9K09VCOperating at reduced power of 5.4 watts (vs. licensed 130) since July 22nd; returned to full power Aug. 11th.
SOUTHC Florence6W06DKRA Aug. 15th.
TENN Lewisburg29WFET-LDPR>15kw/201m, 35-37-45/86-55-30; PG
TENN Nashville26WNTU-LDDC 15kw/356m, 36-16-05/86-47-45
TENN White House28WKUW-LDReturned to the air Aug. 15th.
TEXA Beaumont23KUMJ-LDPG>15kw/147m
TEXA Kerrville15KVHC-LDRA Aug. 15th
TEXA Victoria29K22JWQR from 22, 15kw/97m, 28-48-01/96-07-33
UTAH Provo16K16LWDR from K43JV, 1.5kw/810m; DG
UTAH Wendover3K03JDRA Aug. 17th.
UTAH Wendover8K08QMPR>1kw/41m, 40-44-02/113-47-22; PG; RA with these facilities Aug. 16th.
VIRG Broadway25WHSV-DRTNS 15kw/359m, 38-51-53/78-47-59
WEST Martinsburg27W27EEQR from W08EE, 15kw/291m; QG
WEST Parkersburg8WVMY-LDReturned to full power Aug. 15th.
WEST Weston33WDTVQC from 5, 935kw/228m
WISC La Crosse26WZEO-LDQC from W33DG, 15kw/209m, 43-44-52/91-17-55
WYOM Cheyenne11KQCKPG>31.1kw/403m (Horsetooth Mtn., Fort Collins, Colo.)

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