Saturday, September 17, 2022

TV items

ALAB Alabaster4WNHT-LDPR>2.9kw/289m, 33-29-05/86-48-25; PG
ALAS Kenai9K09XOCX16
ARIZ Flagstaff32776273NS 100kw/444m, 34-58-08/111-30-31 (Gray Television Licensee)
ARIZ Yuma11776268NS 5kw/452m, 33-03-19/114-49-47 (Gray Television Licensee)
CALI Chico11KKRM-LDPC>1kw/355m, 39-57-29/121-42-53 (KKPM-CD 28 Yuba City)
CALI Monterey14K14TGPC>3kw/162m, 36-33-08/121-47-21 (KQSL-8 Fort Bragg)
CALI San Luis Obispo15KSBYReturned to full power Sept. 12th
FLOR Clearwater26WXAX-CDOFF Aug. 31st pending relocation.
FLOR Destin33W33DJCX11
FLOR Jennings35W35ECPR>15kw/88m, 30-15-15/82-40-55; PG
FLOR Key West29WKIZ-LDOFF Sept. 11th pending relocation.
FLOR Miami23WLTV-DTAF 550kw/297m, 25-59-10/80-11-36 (aux)
FLOR Orlando21W21AUOFF Jan. 6th, displaced.
FLOR Panama City31W31EPPR>11kw/89m, 30-21-14/86-06-44; PG
ILLI Freeport9776220NS 30kw/218m, 42-17-48/89-10-15 (Gray Television Licensee)
ILLI Mount Vernon21W21EDCX11
IOWA Spencer20KBVK-LPRequests STA 6.8kw/109m; to operate on this channel pending permanent permission. Bumped from ch. 21 by repack. Filed for permanent permission as well.
KENT Bowling Green19WCZU-LDRequests STA 8.1kw/181m pending transmitter repairs; returned to the air Aug. 17th with these facilities.
LOUI Monroe12K12XQReturned to the air Sept. 11th.
MINN Minneapolis22WUCWAF 65.78kw/308m (aux); NS
MISSO St. Louis17KDTL-LDPR 15kw/251m, 38-31-47/90-17-58; PG
NEBR Beatrice16K16NOCX11
NEBR Lincoln27KUON-TVPA from 12, 650kw/253m
NEBR Omaha21KQMK-LDReturned to full power Sept. 8th, HVAC repaired.
NEVA Ely27776228NS 20kw/273m, 39-15-55/114-53-38 (TV-49)
NEVA Lovelock14KPHS-LDCC from K14KQ
NEVA Reno28K28NPCX11
NEVA Tonopah9776229NS 2.45kw/340m, 38-05-42/117-11-12 (TV-49)
NEVA Winnemucca7776269NS 1kw/649m, 41-00-31/117-46-13 (Gray Television Licensee)
NEWM Carlsbad19776230NS 35kw/150m, 32-28-28/104-11-56 (TV-49)
NEWM Silver City10776239NS 2.8kw/216m, 32-46-41/108-18-44 (TV-49)
NEWM Silver City12776244NS 2.8kw/216m, 32-46-41/108-18-44 (TV-49)
NEWY Syracuse15776176NS 450kw/443m, 42-52-50/76-11-59 (WSTQ Licensee)
NORTHC Sapphire Valley21W34EPQR from 34, 4.5kw/809m, 35-25-32/82-45-24
NORTHD Grand Forks27776145NS 48.5kw/103m, 47-57-46/97-02-37 (BEK Sports Network)
OREG Medford26KMVU-DTOperating at reduced power of 16.2kw/441m pending replacement of failed transmitter.
SOUTHC Florence24W24EXPR 200w/13m, 34-16-18/79-43-33; PG
TEXA Garland33KUVN-DTAF 280kw/517m, 32-32-35/96-57-33 (aux); NS; NW
TEXA Hereford27KYAM-LDXG 15kw/132m, 35-13-59/101-52-09
TEXA Houston3KZHO-LDOFF Jan. 9th, interference complaints from other site users.
UTAH Price11776213NS 37kw/861m, 40-01-08/111-36-52 (Marquee Broadcasting)
WASH Walla Walla9776246NS 128kw/340m, 46-05-46/119-11-40 (Marquee Broadcasting)
WEST Parkersburg8WVMY-LDPR>1.3kw/111m, 39-20-18/81-29-56; PG; OFF Aug. 16th pending completion of construction.
WISC Eagle River26776263NS 80kw/162m, 45-46-30/89-14-56 (Gray Television Licensee)
WISC Green Bay18WLUK-TVQC from 12, 500kw/384m
WISC Wittenberg31776266NS 17kw/96m, 44-49-06/89-01-59 (TV-49)
WYOM Casper31K31HTCX11
WYOM Cody34K34HZDC 100w/565m
WYOM Sheridan7776219NS 160kw/-73m, 44-20-48/106-43-30 (Marquee Broadcasting)

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