Friday, September 30, 2022

TV items

ALAS Dot Lake7K07RUDC (KAKM-8 Anchorage & KUAC-TV 9 Fairbanks)
ALAS Northway4K04KPDC 62-58-04/141-53-32 (KAKM-8 Anchorage & KUAC-TV 9 Fairbanks)
ALAS Pedro Bay13K13SVDC (KAKM-8 Anchorage & KUAC-TV 9 Fairbanks)
ALAS Port Heiden13K13SADC 56-56-17/158-35-57 (KAKM-8 Anchorage & KUAC-TV 9 Fairbanks)
ALAS Unalaska4K04KVDC (KAKM-8 Anchorage & KUAC-TV 9 Fairbanks)
CALI Fresno7KAILRequests STA 48.8kw/571m, 37-04-49/119-25-52; temporary tower pending repair of fire damage.
CALI Petaluma6KFMY-LDPR<1kw/658m, 37-55-45/122-35-13; PG
CALI San Marcos36KSKT-CDOperating at reduced power of 7.11kw pending amplifier repairs.
CALI Stockton26KTFK-DTOperating at 74% power since Sept. 22nd component failure.
CHIA Las Margaritas35XHDZ-nPG 2.24kw/19m, 16-18-49/92-00-05
CHIH Juarez8XHCPCNNS 55.962kw/32m, 31-42-20/106-29-58
FLOR Lakeland18WMOR-TVRequests STA to return to ATSC 1.0 (from 3.0); to keep WMOR's programming on the air in 1.0 in case one of WMOR's 1.0 host stations is knocked off air by Hurricane Ian. Withdrawn, probably because no Tampa station was knocked off by Ian.
FLOR Sebastian15W15EOPR>15kw/72m, 27-44-52/80-34-41
GEOR Savannah18WUET-LDReturns to the air under reduced-power STA for 9.6kw/126m
IDAH Preston40K40GZCX27
IDAH Preston42K42GNCX27
IDAH Preston44K44HACX27
IDAH Preston46K46HWCX27
IDAH Preston48K48IJCX27
ILLI Oswego10WAOEPR>13.25kw/388m, 41-53-56/87-37-23; DTS #2. #1 to remain unchanged. PG.
INDI Indianapolis29WFYI-LDPG>15kw/240m; PC
JALI Ahualulco22XHGUE-nPG 450w/-133m, 20-42-10/103-58-45
KANS Wichita12KSCW-DTRequests STA 33.2kw/449m; switching to ATSC 3.0, transmitter can only make 50% power in this mode.
KANS Wichita28KWKD-LDRequests STA 15kw/91m, 37-41-53/97-19-11; temporary operation from old analog site so licensed site can be modified to ch. 36 to avoid pending displacement by KSCW which is moving from ch. 12. Granted.
KENT Paducah18WQWQ-LDPC<2.5kw/10m, 37-11-16/89-05-09
MAIN Augusta20WCBBQR from 10, 1000kw/304m; QG
MAIN Orono22WMEB-TVQR from 9, 1000kw/293m, 44-45-45/68-33-56; QG
MAIN Portland15WLLB-LDCX30
MASS Springfield20WSHM-LDPC>4.9kw/304m, 42-14-30/72-38-55
MICH Elmhurst27W27DQPC>15kw/261m, 45-30-05/85-01-49
MICH Elmhurst31W31FAPC>15kw/261m, 45-30-05/85-01-49
MICHO Jiquilpan31XHSFJ-nPG 40.28kw/292m, 19-57-03/102-41-56
MICH Traverse City16W16DNPC>15kw/254m, 44-45-37/85-40-58
MICH Traverse City23W23FLNW 8kw/228m, 44-45-37/85-40-58 (WFQX-TV 32 Cadillac)
MICH Traverse City27W27DUPC>15kw/254m, 44-45-37/85-40-58
NEVA Las Vegas12KVGA-LDPC<3kw/315m, 36-00-34/115-00-23
NEVA Las Vegas29KVCWPR 57.14kw/370m, 36-00-27/115-00-27 (aux)
NEVA Verdi27K51DJQC from 51 (KRNV-DT 12 Reno)
NEWY Glens Falls31WNCE-CDReturned to the air Sept. 26th.
NEWY New York29WPXU-LDQR from 12, 2.56kw/261m, 40-45-08/73-58-02; sharing on the W29FL NYC transmitter. CL from Amityville.
NORTHD Grand Forks31K31MPOFF Sept. 22nd, technical difficulties.
NORTHD Minot18K18NWPR>15kw/173m
NORTHD Williston20K20PBPR>15kw/293m, 48-08-02/103-51-38
OHIO Cleveland27WOCV-CDOFF Sept. 19th pending equipment upgrades.
OHIO Shaker Heights10WOIOPR>30kw/333m, 41-22-45/81-43-11; withdrawn for procedural reasons & refiled for same facilities.
OREG Medford18KDOV-LDQC from 44, 1.56kw/412m, 42-17-51/122-45-04
OREG Medford24KDSO-LDQC from 16, 1.54kw/412m, 42-17-51/122-45-04
OREG Pendleton11KFFX-TVRequests STA to operate without the ability to carry closed captions.
PENN Erie18WXTM-LDRA Sept. 30th
PENN Erie19WEPA-LDRA Sept. 30th
PENN Philadelphia6WPVI-TVPR>56kw/332m, 40-02-39/75-14-25; amended to 53.1kw/342m.
PENN Pittsburgh10WIIC-LDQR from 31, 3kw/245m, 40-26-23/79-43-10; amendment from 1kw/145m & to change site.
PUEB Acatlan27XHTEM-nPG 1.85kw/-72m, 18-12-25/98-03-05
QUIN Chetumal25XHSPJNS 82.5kw/101m, 18-30-30/88-30-32
SINA Copala31XHDL-nPG 3.81kw/737m, 23-29-14/105-50-37
SINA Copala34XHLSI-nPG 3.66kw/737m, 23-29-14/105-50-37
SONO San Luis Rio Colorado28XHAQ-nPG 660w/36m, 32-26-10/114-46-02
SOUTHC Myrtle Beach14W14EZRequests STA 2.1kw/156m; to operate permitted increased facilities at less than full power pending delivery of permanent transmitter.
SOUTHD Sioux Falls17K17OOPR<50w/65m, 43-00-34/89-43-45. See Mt. Horeb, Wis.
TEXA Corpus Christi16KXCC-LDOFF Sept. 28th, lost site.
TEXA Greenville23KTXD-TVOperating at 25% power since Sept. 19th - reduced intentionally for tower inspection but was unable to return to full power.
VIRG Staunton15WVPTQR from 12. DTS #1: 195kw/666m, 38-09-54/79-18-50; DTS #2: 15kw/329m, 37-59-00/78-29-01; DTS #3: 250w/609m, 38-36-04/78-37-57.
WEST Parkersburg34W34FEPR>15kw/130m, 39-14-48/81-25-01; PG; PC (WVPB-TV Huntington)
WISC Mount Horeb17K17OOPR<50w/65m, 43-00-34/89-43-45. Listed as Sioux Falls, South Dakota but the coordinates are a house here.
ZACA Jalpa31XHSFJ-nPG 1.79kw/-225m, 21-37-33/102-59-09
ZACA Jalpa33XHJAL-nPG 1.76kw/-225m, 21-37-33/102-59-19

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