Friday, September 09, 2022

TV items

ALAB Alabaster4WNHT-LDPR>2.9kw/289m, 33-29-05/86-48-25
ALAB Mobile31WMBP-LDPC>4.1kw/342m, 30-41-17/87-47-54
CALI Chico27KUCO-LDRequests STA 15kw/374m, 39-57-40/121-42-43; granted.
COLO Grand Junction14K38JXQC from 38, 5kw/267m
DIST Washington10W45DNQC from 45, 100w/21m
FLOR Jasper6W06DIRA Sept. 9th
FLOR Jennings35W35ECPR>15kw/88m, 30-15-15/82-40-55
FLOR Lakeland18WMOR-TVReturned to full power July 25th.
FLOR Panama City31W31EPPR>11kw/89m, 30-21-14/86-06-44
FLOR Tallahassee25W25ENNW 100w/26m, 30-34-41/84-15-59
GEOR Augusta29WDZC-LDRA Sept. 8th with new facilities 5kw/97m, 33-29-10/82-30-06
GEOR Savannah18WUET-LDOFF Aug. 23rd pending repairs to exciter.
IDAH Twin Falls21K21MEPR<100w/135m, 42-43-44/114-24-59; PG; PC
ILLI Rosemont5776427LSR STA, 5w/14m, 42-00-17/87-53-13; Allstate Arena, Sept. 16th.
INDI Angola12WINMPR>22kw/141m
INDI Tipton28WJSJ-CDOFF Sept. 7th, amplifier issue.
KENT Paducah18WQWQ-LDPR<2.5kw/10m, 37-11-16/89-05-09; PG
MAIN Orono22WMEB-TVPA from 9, 1000kw/293m, 44-45-45/68-33-56
MINN Lake Crystal25K43JEQC from 43, 7.5kw/155m
MISSI Eastabutchie31WMBP-LDPR>4.1kw/342m, 30-41-17/87-47-54; PG
MISSI Gernada13WMEL-LDCC from W13CS
NEBR Norfolk23K23PUQR from K30BP; QG; QC
NEVA Carson City9K09AAANW 100w/-296m, 39-13-48/119-34-27
NEVA Carson City13K13AAUNW 100w/-296m, 39-13-48/119-34-27
NEVA Reno13K13AAVNW 100w/123m, 39-35-02/119-47-55
NEWJ Atlantic City24W24ETQR from W48DP, 100w/6m, 39-22-52/74-27-01; QG; QC
NORTHD Bismarck34K34LONW 100w/54m, 46-49-32/100-46-02
NORTHD Minot18K18NWPC>150w/173m
NORTHD Minot35K35MMQR from K42IM, 900w/32m, 48-22-16/101-18-30; QG
NORTHD Williston20K20PBPC>200w/293m
OHIO Columbus8WGCT-CDPC>3kw/98m, 39-58-16/83-01-40
OREG Bend36K49KTQC from 49
PENN Butler17WJMB-CDOperating at reduced power of 3.75kw/115m pending HVAC repairs. Returned to full power Sept. 5th.
SOUTHC Florence24W24EXPR 200w/13m, 34-16-18/79-43-33
SOUTHC Pickens18W18FDQR from W31DY, 15kw/65m, 34-54-46/82-19-04; QG
TENN Memphis15W15EAReturned to the air Aug. 28th with temporary antenna.
TENN Memphis32WQEO-LDOperating at reduced power of 800w/331m pending antenna repairs.
TENN Memphis30WQEK-LDOperating at reduced power of 800w/331m pending antenna repairs.
TEXA Eagle Pass18KVAWGranted STA 50kw/85m, 28-43-33/100-28-36; to reactivate station whose license expired on Jan. 8th, 2020.
TEXA Garland33KUVN-DTAF 280kw/517m, 32-32-35/96-57-33 (aux); NS
TEXA Port Arthur26KULC-LDPR>15kw/51m, 29-58-36/93-56-03; PG
TEXA Victoria29K29OHQC from K22JW
UTAH Hurricane17K17LHNW 50w/-162m, 37-11-06/113-17-57
WISC Minocqua35W35DMQR from W39CV, 2.3kw/20m, 45-53-39/89-40-58; QG

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