Friday, October 21, 2022

AM items

ALAB Carrville1130WALQFined $11,000 and issued two-year short-term renewal for operating at reduced power (and at times, not at all) without authorization.
FLOR Fort Pierce1400WIRAOFF Oct. 8th.
MISSO Fredericktown1450KYLSRA Oct. 6th
NORTHC Jacksonville910WSRPRA Oct. 18th.
SOUTHD Custer1490KFCROFF Oct. 10th.
UTAH Delta540KYAHOFF Sept. 27th.

Monday, October 10, 2022

TV items

ALAS Atqasuk9K09TZCX05
ALAS Chefornak4K04MK CX05
ALAS Chenega13K13VVCX05
ALAS Circle Hot Springs3K03GOCX05
ALAS English Bay31K31AGCX05
ALAS Klawock11K11RACX05
ALAS McKinley Park3K03GKCX05
ALAS Point Baker4K04MVCX05
ALAS Point Hope9K09QNCX05
ALAS Russian Mission11K11SBCX05
ALAS Sheep Mountain8K08KMCX05
ALAS Tatitlek9K09NECX05
ALAS Whales Pass7K07SICX05
ARIZ Bullhead City25K25HDCX07
ARIZ Lake Havasu City27K27ECCX07a
CALI Canby8K08ORCX07
CALI Mariposa29K27GZQR from 27 dismissed; not displaced so not eligible to make this application now
CALI Monterey33K33QNCX06
CALI Palm Springs17KODG-LDPG<15kw/195m, 33-52-00/116-26-01
CALI Palm Springs24K24LTCX07
COLO Grand Junction7KLMLOFF Sept 27th, equipment failure
FLOR Chattahoochee30K30QJCX07
FLOR Destin27W27EPPR<115kw/63m, 30-43-37/86-34-35
FLOR Key West12W12DIOFF Oct 1st, Hurricane Ian damage
FLOR Madison31K31PLCX07
FLOR Miami23WLTV-DTNW 550kw/297m, 25-59-10/80-11-36 (aux)
GEOR Albany23W23FNPR>25kw/60m
GEOR Albany25W25EDPR>10kw/60m
GEOR Columbus25W25EMPR>2kw/46m
GEOR Columbus27W27DKPR>15kw/126m
GEOR Valdosta32W32FKPR>15kw/56m
HAWA Hilo23KEKEOFF Sept 24th, transmitter problem
IDAH Cottonwood15K15MACX07
IDAH Cottonwood39K39CTCX07a
INDI Fort Wayne22W22FHPR>2kw/46m
INDI Tipton28WJSJ-CDReturned to full power Oct 6th
IOWA Spencer20KBVK-LDQG from 21
NEVA Austin10K10KBCX07
NEVA Austin21K21NTCX07
NEVA Austin23K23KVCX07
NEVA Austin26K26EHCX07
NEVA Austin28K28QDCX07
NEVA Austin35K35OSCX07
NEVA Austin41K41HHCX07
NEVA Austin44K44LLCX07
NEVA Austin46K46FBCX07
NEVA Las Vegas29KVCWPR 57.14kw/370m, 36-00-27/115-00-27 (aux); PG
NEVA Reno28K28QICX07
NEVA Stateline24K24NSOFF Sept. 22nd, amplifier failure.
NEWH Westmoreland27WWAX-LDPR>15kw/271m, 41-46-30/72-48-18; PG
NEWJ Glassboro26WQAV-CDRA Oct. 3rd; XC 15kw/204m, 40-02-20/75-14-13
NEWM Capulin21K21OECX07
NEWM Capulin23K23OPCX07
NEWM Capulin25K25PWCX07
NEWM Capulin27K27OLCX07
NEWM Capulin29K29NJCX07
NEWM Capulin42K42CHCX07
NEWM Capulin44K44CGCX07
NEWM Capulin46K46BYCX07
NEWM Capulin48K48JHCX07
NEWM Capulin50K50DYCX07
NEWM Ruidoso35K35GUPG>5kw/908m, 33-24-18/105-46-55
NEWM Tucumcari42K42CRCX07
NEWY Schenectady35WRGBAF 40kw/309m, 42-38-13/73-59-43 (aux); NS
NORTHC Wilmington11W11DRPR>3kw/43m
NORTHC Wilmington19W19EUPR>10kw/43m
OKLA Enid32K32MGPR>15kw/92m
PENN Charleroi29WWAT-CDOFF Sept. 28th, equipment issues.
PENN Windber28WJAC-DRTRequests STA 7kw/, 40-11-55/78-40-59; displaced from ch. 29, had permit for ch. 28 which expired. Filed to reinstate regular permit.
PUER Mayaguez20WOSTRA Oct. 7th.
PUER Mayaguez27W27DZRA Oct. 7th.
PUER Ponce24WQQZ-CDOFF Sept. 17th, lost power with Hurricane Fiona. Other PR stations returned to the air when power was restored Oct. 7th and I'd bet WQQZ did as well.
PUER Quebradillas34WWKQ-LDRA Oct. 7th.
SOUTHC Greenville8WNTVQR from 9, 180kw/389m; withdrawn for procedural reasons.
SOUTHC Spartanburg8WRET-TVSee sharing host WNTV Greenville.
TEXA Greenville23KTXD-TVOperating at 25% power since Sept. 19th - reduced intentionally for tower inspection but was unable to return to full power. Returned to full power Oct. 6th.
TEXA Killeen13KAKW-DTReturned to full power Oct. 6th.
TEXA Tyler18KQKT-LDPR>15kw/91m, 32-19-21/95-14-07
TEXA Tyler24K24MOPR>3kw/122m, 32-19-21/95-14-07
WASH Ellensburg28K28QGCX07
WASH Richland26KNDUPR 150kw/394m. No actual change; antenna is lower than the license specifies.
WASH Yakima16KNDOPR 150kw/246m. No actual change; antenna is lower than the license specifies.
WYOM Big Piney24K24DACX07a
WYOM Little America34K34OGCX07
WYOM Pinedale14K14ILCX07
WYOM Shoshoni32K32ELCX07

FM items

ALAB Trussville103.7WQENAF 25kw/195m (aux)
ALAS Tok95.9775256NS 99w/-35m, 63-18-36/143-03-18
ALAS Utqiavik99.7KAACCC for NS 773775
ARIZ Kearny105.1KMYKNS 800w/273m, 33-04-10/111-03-15 (Estrella Broadcasting); CC for NS.
ARIZ Tusayan88.3KXQXPR<100w/88m, 35-58-33/112-07-29.
ARIZ Tusayan92.3KRXSCC from KLZI.
ARKA Cherry Valley90.1KXRLPG<4kw/154m, 35-36-13/90-31-19
COLO Craig93.7KRAI-FMPC<60kw/299m
COLO Lamar93.5KLMR-FMOFF Sept. 21st temporarily, but I think this was superceded by Sept. 23rd decision to shut down permanently.
COLO Phippsburg94.1KEZZPC<820w/523m, 40-27-05/106-45-06
FLOR Jacksonville88.7WJFROFF Sept. 6th, transmitter failed completely after operating at 3% power for about a month under STA.
FLOR La Belle88.3WBIYOFF Sept. 28th, antenna destroyed by Hurricane Ian.
FLOR Palm Beach Shores104.7WFLMXG 50kw/113m, 26-45-43/80-04-41
GEOR Columbus90.5WKCCOperating at unspecified reduced power since Sept. 28th transmitter failure.
GEOR La Grange90.9WOAKPC<2.5kw/77m, 33-02-13/85-01-50
INDI Muncie104.1WLBC-FMNS 6.8kw/49m, 40-09-19/85-25-48 (aux); NW
IOWA Coggon88.7KMMKPR<19.4kw/107m
KENT Central City101.9WEKVOperating at unspecified reduced power since Oct. 2nd due to utility power issues.
LOUI Ruston89.1KLPIRA Oct. 2nd.
MARY Catonsville105.7WJZ-FMAF 3kw/122m, 39-19-26/76-32-55 (aux)
MASS Gloucester104.9WNKCCC from WBOQ
MASS Turners Falls93.9WRSIPC 3kw/57m, 42-22-25/72-40-24 (aux)
MICH Crystal Valley88.3WSMZ-FMCC from WSMZ
MISSO New London105.9KZZKRequests STA 10kw/107m, 39-43-48/91-24-20; temporary antenna on adjacent tower pending tower repairs.
MONT Havre95.1KXEIOperating at 25% power since Sept. 25th; found water in the transmission line.
NEBR Scottsbluff94.1KNEB-FMRequests conversion of former main to aux at reduced power, 6.4kw/204m.
NEWM Grants91.9KEZFTemporarily operating at 10% power pending relief of interference to translators K216AW Grants and K216GQ Espanola.
NEWY Ray Brook93.3WSLPPR 6kw/-52m, 44-15-43/74-01-20; amendment from ??kw; PG
ONTA Grimsby88.5CKOK-FMPG>3.6kw/28m,
PENN Media100.3WRNBNS 2.1kw/302m, 40-02-33/75-14-32 (aux)
PUER Ponce101.9WZAROFF Sept. 18th, believes generator failed after Hurricane Fiona; RA Oct. 3rd.
PUER Utuado89.9WUTD-FMPR withdrawn. Cannot comply with 73.509 without using terrain data which is not procedurally acceptable for FM.
TEXA Beaumont102.5KTCXNS 4kw/89m, 30-06-55/93-59-57 (aux)
TEXA Breckenridge89.9KQXBRA Sept. 30th
TEXA Eastland91.1KQXERA Sept. 30th
TEXA Lovelady104.3KHMROperating at 50% power since Aug. 12th exciter repairs; returned to full power Oct. 5th.
TEXA Muleshoe93.3KUXLCC from KVRQ
TEXA Sanger104.1KTCGNW 6.2kw/192m, 33-28-48/97-03-24
UTAH Washington90.7KMVZ-FMPR 5.8kw/166m, 37-17-22/113-16-36
VIRG Danville103.3WAKGOperating at reduced power of 23.38kw since Oct. 6th transmitter failure.
VIRG Farmville95.7WFLO-FMNotice of silence was in error, applied to WFLO AM.
WASH Napavine92.9KVNWPR 4kw/256m, 46-32-36/123-01-10
WYOM Centennial104.5KIMXOperating at approximately 77% power since Sept. 29th power surge.
WYOM Cheyenne104.9KRRROperating at approximately 6% power since Sept. 27th copper theft.
WYOM Cheyenne93.7KAZYOperating at approximately 34% power since Sept. 27th copper theft.
WYOM Chugwater90.9KLWVOperating at unspecified reduced power since Sept. 27th combiner failure.
WYOM Wheatland88.1KKWYPR 6.2kw/42m, 42-00-58/105-00-10
WYOM Wheatland96.5KLLMPG 300w/42m, 42-00-48/105-00-10; PC
ALAB Florence99.5W258AEPR<10w/95m, 34-45-24/87-40-44 (WAYH-88.1 Harvest)
ALAB Mobile101.1W266CMOFF Sept. 12th, primary is a HD subchannel & the HD gear is out of service. Returned to the air Oct. 5th.
ARIZ Cave Creek95.9K243BNQR from 96.5, 3w/4m, 33-44-59/111-57-26 (KLVK-89.1 Fountain Hills). Amended to include principal community change from Laveen.
ARIZ Laveen96.5K243BNOFF Oct. 3rd, interference complaints from KIKO-FM 96.5 Claypool. See Cave Creek.
CALI Monterey102.9K275CUPrimary changed to KLVM-88.9 HD2 Santa Cruz.
CALI San Luis Obispo107.7K299BEPrimary feed method changed to direct off-air pickup of KRQZ-91.5 Lompoc. (had been picking up via K270AF-101.9 Grover City)
COLO Fort Collins98.7K254CHPG>10w/392m, 40-32-47/105-11-55 (KGNU-FM 88.5 Boulder)
DELA Georgetown93.1W226CWPG>130w/122m, 38-37-34/75-14-01 (WJWL-900)
DELA Milford102.1W271CXPC>250w/91m, 38-55-41/75-29-19 (WNCL-930)
FLOR Dunnellon101.1W266DYQC from W212CP-90.3 (WXUS-102.3)
FLOR Miami97.7W249DMPC>100w/244m, 25-45-32/80-11-30 (WQOS-1080 Coral Gables)
FLOR St. Augustine106.3W292DEPG>245w/132m, 29-51-02/81-19-48 (WBHU-105.5 St. Augustine Beach); PC
ILLI Harvey95.9W240EIRA Sept. 30th
ILLI Morris92.9W225CYOFF Feb. 10th, required to relay WCSJ-1550 but cannot do so as WCSJ was modified & is too far away... See Somonauk, Ill.
ILLI Somonauk99.1W225CYQR from 92.9, 85w/128m, 41-39-55/88-34-34 (WCSJ-1550)
IOWA Davenport107.1K296GZPR<250w/140m, 41-30-03/90-40-24 (WLLR-FM 103.7)
MARY Baltimore101.5W268BAPrimary changed to WIYY-97.9 HD2
MISSO St. Louis105.3K287BYPC>99w/211m, 38-32-07/90-22-23 (KXFN-1380)
MISSO St. Louis95.1K236CSPC>99w/207m, 38-32-07/90-22-23 (WSDZ-1260 Belleville, Ill.)
NEBR Alliance95.7K296DSQR from 107.1, 250w/42m, 42-07-02/102-52-11 (KSLS-90.7 Dickinson, N.D.)
NEVA Wells92.5K223AMPrimary changed to KAWZ-89.9 Twin Falls, Ida. via K220HG-91.9 Elko.
NEWY Hilton107.9W300DGRA Sept. 23rd; OFF Oct. 3rd, previous permission to use tower revoked.
NEWY Mount Kisco89.7W209CJOFF Sept. 9th, equipment failure.
NORT Capital Hill89.3K207FHNW 250w/461m, 15-11-00/145-44-06E (KPRG-89.3 Agana, Guam)
NORTHC Lillington92.7W224DORA Sept. 29th, primary WLLN-1370 is back on the air.
OREG Azalea102.3K272FMOFF Sept. 30th, antenna damage.
OREG Burns88.5K219BHQR from 91.7, 23w/261m, 43-34-23/119-07-52 (KMHD-89.1 Gresham)
PENN Bradford94.1W231AHPG>250w/187m, 42-03-18/78-27-27 (WTWT-90.5 Portville, N.Y.)
PENN Greensburg105.1W286CZPR>120w/128m, 40-17-20/79-42-03 (WKFB-770 Jeannette)
PENN Scranton104.5W283BEPR<194w/379m, 41-25-36/75-44-51 (WEZX-106.9)
SOUTHC Columbia107.1W296EIPC>250w/102m (WFMV-620 Cayce)
SOUTHC South Charleston102.3W272DW
SOUTHC St. Matthews98.9W255DRQC from W254CE-98.7 (WFMV-620 Cayce)
SOUTHD Huron88.1K209EMQR from 89.7, 250w/72m, 44-20-33/98-14-39 (KLOV-89.3 Winchester, Oreg.)
SOUTHD Redfield99.9K260DGNW 250w/45m, 44-53-53/98-30-24 (KQKD-1380)
TENN Knoxville97.1W246DHPR<100w/264m, 36-00-19/83-56-23 (WTLT-1120 Maryville); PG
TENN Nashville98.3W252CMPrimary changed to WSIX-FM HD2.
TEXA Austin94.1K231CZPC>250w/225m, 30-19-24/97-48-00 (KTXZ-1560 West Lake Hills)
TEXA Hollywood Park93.7K229BJPG>62w/143m, 29-36-55/98-34-43 (KJMA-89.7 Floresville)
TEXA Houston99.5K258DAPC<50w/302m, 29-45-30/95-22-05 (KTBZ-FM 94.5)
WEST Point Pleasant106.7W294AFPR>250w/112m, 38-56-56/82-03-02 (WMOV-1360 Ravenswood)
WEST South Charleston102.3W272DWPR<250w/73m, 38-22-36/81-42-08 (WSCW-1410)
WISC Amery107.3W297CUReturned to full power Sept. 22nd.
WISC Oshkosh102.5W273CAPG>250w/17m, 44-03-56/88-32-39 (WJOK-1050 Kaukauna)
ARIZ Bisbee96.1KBRP-LPPR 9w/94m, 31-26-35/109-54-54; PG; PC
CALI Bakersfield103.5KSVG-LPPR>100w/26m, 35-23-49/118-57-09
CALI Morada107.9KIMU-LPRA Oct. 3rd.
MICH Grand Rapids103.7WSNH-LPPR 100w, 42-54-56/85-44-40
PUER Moca93.7WMAA-LPOFF Sept. 23rd, Hurricane Fiona flooding.
TENN Jasper94.7WJCR-LPRA with new facilities 100w, 35-02-33/85-36-35
WASH Duvall104.9KAPY-LPLC 90w/193, 47-45-25/121-54-22
INDI Rochester91.3WWWJPR 2.2kw/33m, 41-03-06/86-12-01
KANS Garden City88.9KJGCCC for NS (Great Plains Christian Radio); NW
KANS Haviland88.7KJHICC for NS (Great Plains Christian Radio)
KANS Scott City91.5KHYCCC for NS (Great Plains Christian Radio)
KENT Murray89.1WKYGLC 500w/123m, 36-38-44/88-28-32 (Madisonville Baptist Temple)
LOUI Covington89.5WCWDPR 5.9kw/94m, 30-34-24/90-12-37 (Christwood)
NEVA Caliente88.1KMYQ-769049CC for NS (Great Plains Christian Radio)
NEVA Caliente90.7KIXK-769057CC for NS (Great Plains Christian Radio)
OKLA Fairview91.3KJFVCC for NS (Great Plains Christian Radio)
OKLA Wynona91.1768548AF 3kw/51m, 36-41-57/96-20-07; amendment from
TEXA Marfa88.5KUXONW 250w/-24m, 30-18-47/104-01-38 (The Tropics)
WISC Rice Lake90.1WGIFPR 6kw/68m, 45-21-02/91-50-50

AM items

ARKA Marshall960KCGSOperating at unspecified reduced power since Aug. 26th; returned to full power Oct. 5th.
FLOR Pine Castle1190WAMTOFF Sept. 29th.
FLOR Winter Garden1600WLAAOFF Sept. 29th.
GEOR Lithia Springs890WJTPCX03
MASS Webster940WQVRCC from WGFP
MICH Muskegon850WSMZCC from WGVS
NORTHC Lillington1370WLLNRA Sept. 29th.
PUER San Juan630WUNOOFF Sept. 18th; RA Oct. 3rd.
TEXA Odessa920KFLBOFF Oct. 3rd.
UTAH Provo1400KIXRCC from KSRR
VIRG Norfolk1110WTJZCC from WKQA
VIRG Portsmouth1650WJFVCC from WTJZ